Tüpraş grows stronger by creating value from big data

Tüpraş supports refinery operations by reinforcing its investments to create value from data with its Data Analytics Centers.

Tüpraş, which continues to develop its current projects while continuing its innovative and pioneering work on its digital transformation journey, strengthens its investments to create value from data.

Allows effective use

In this context, Tüpraş carries its work to an integrated and sustainable dimension with external resources through collaborations with Istanbul Technical University (ITU), Middle East Technical University (METU), ITU ARI Teknokent and ODTU Technokent.

The company makes effective use of data possible with the “Data Scientists” who make sense and interpret the digital data in the Data Analytics Centers in both technoparks. In Data Analytics Centers, where big data infrastructure and data analytics projects are managed, it is aimed to mature and make permanent the culture and skill of creating value from data.

Expert Data Scientists also play an important role in democratizing data by helping to train pioneering business application teams called “Civil Data Scientist” in all units within the framework of the “Analytical Tüpraş” program. Same time; The priorities of supporting and planning the works at the refinery sites of the company and minimizing possible risks in production and process safety are also successfully achieved.

Processing 650 million lines from 150 thousand sensors

In the refineries of the company, which set out with the aim of becoming one of the world’s best data analytics department refineries, approximately 650 million lines of data are processed from 150 thousand sensors every day, and it is transformed into sustainable added value by being processed in the company’s big data infrastructure.

The company, which processes the data it collects from production activities as if it processes oil, within the scope of Industry 4.0 principles, which are at the core of production processes, carries out projects that will protect its profitability and sustainable structure with artificial intelligence algorithms.

“We are taking pioneering steps in University-Industry cooperation”

Making evaluations on the subject, Tüpraş Deputy General Manager Doğan Korkmaz stated that their teams consisting of doctorate/master’s students working in the data analytics centers they established in METU and ITU have implemented important projects in order to be close to universities and start-ups with access to competent resources.

He stated that the data scientist teams have the opportunity to access data that touches all stages of the value chain such as logistics, finance and sales, as well as the alarm, laboratory and sensor data produced at the production site, and develop projects in these areas.

Underlining that they have achieved results that will prevent the disruption of production processes thanks to the projects coming out of the centers, Korkmaz said, “But more importantly, we reach very meaningful data for occupational health and safety, which is our most basic priority. Although data analytics is a subject that has been studied in companies for a long time in the world, as industrial organizations. It is also very important to be around such ecosystems. As Tüpraş, we are happy to take pioneering steps that strengthen university-industry cooperation in the field of data analytics.” he said.

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