Turkcell invested 50 billion Turkish Liras, paving the way for digitalization in Turkey

Turkcell Chairman of the Board of Directors Aksu, stating that Turkcell has spent its earnings in this country to this country, said, “As of the end of 2020, we have invested a total of 50 billion Turkish Liras in Turkey.” used the phrases.

Bülent Aksu, whose views were included in the statement made by Turkcell, reminded that it has been more than 27 years since Turkcell made the first mobile phone call in Turkey on February 23, 1994, and that Turkcell, as the leading GSM operator, provides its subscribers with the best quality.

He stated that it continues to offer the opportunity of communication and on the other hand, it has turned into a technology company that offers integrated digital services.

Stating that they have become an important brand of global competition with the products and services they offer, Aksu said that Turkcell offers end-to-end digital solutions to corporate customers as well as products and services offered to individual customers.

Emphasizing that Turkcell is the largest factory in Turkey’s digital industry and Turkey’s flagship in technology, Aksu said:

“As Turkey’s Turkcell, while developing our products and services, we always say ‘Turkey’s data should stay in Turkey,’ and in this context, we offer state-of-the-art data centers located in different regions of our country to the service of users. The factor behind all of our success is the superior and widespread network Thanks to our strong infrastructure and quality human resources, we have become a strong stakeholder guiding all our corporate and individual customers in Turkey’s digitalization journey. We even started exporting digital services and applications abroad. As of the end of the first quarter of 2021, we have been an active user of BiP for 3 months. “The number of these users has reached 40 million. Nearly one third of these users are our customers abroad. Turkcell has spent what it has earned in this country to this country again. As of the end of 2020, we have invested a total of 50 billion TL in Turkey. We continue our new investments at the same pace.”

“We believe that common infrastructure in fiber should be implemented as soon as possible”

Bülent Aksu stated that with 4.5G technology, they brought the speed of 1.6 Gbps in mobile and 10 Gbps in fiber to customers.

Stating that Turkcell brought real fiber to the home for the first time in Turkey, Aksu said, “Today, we are the only company that can offer 10 Gbps fiber internet to everyone in every province. Fiber infrastructure does not only mean high speed. At the same time, the widespread use of fiber is critical for the transition to 5G. “For this reason, we believe that the common infrastructure in fiber should be implemented as soon as possible from the first day. We will continue to be at the forefront and play an active role in initiatives on this subject.” used the phrases.

Emphasizing that fiber investments are essential for digitalization, Aksu drew attention to the importance of common infrastructure. Noting that every step to be taken in the common infrastructure will enable the country’s resources to be used correctly and efficiently, Aksu made the following assessments:

“There are many successful examples of this in the world. We believe that the competition between operators should be based on the services we will offer in the superstructure, not the infrastructure. As Turkcell, we can summarize our mission as ‘to cover life and add value to the lives of its customers without leaving anyone behind thanks to technology’.

We use the equalizing power of technology and implement projects that aim to provide the society with equal opportunities in accessing information, education and social life. For this purpose, we allocate approximately 1% of our income to social investment projects every year. We carry out projects that reach different segments of the society such as children, women, the disabled, the elderly and refugees.

“We are turning to environmentally friendly green energy sources in our energy-oriented activities”

Aksu, Chairman of Turkcell Board of Directors, stated that they act by considering the trace they will leave on the world in all their business processes, and noted that the significant resource savings provided by digitalization also allow the reduction of the environmental footprint.

Noting that they describe in detail the outputs of business processes and how they contribute to the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals as a result of these outputs in the 2020 Integrated Annual Report, Aksu said, “In this context, we are turning to environmentally friendly green energy sources in our energy-focused activities. In line with our Turkcell sustainability strategy, we are looking forward to 2030. We are taking fast steps towards the goal of meeting electricity consumption from renewable sources until 2050 and becoming a completely ‘carbon neutral company’ by 2050. In addition, we have upgraded our CDP (Carbon Disclosure Project), which we have been reporting regularly since 2015, from C- to B, and We have become the leader of our industry in this regard as well.” used the phrases.

“With the Women Who Write the Future project, we have trained nearly 3,000 women so far”

Bülent Aksu stated that Turkcell has provided training to nearly 3,000 women with the “Women Who Write the Future” project, and that they have provided employment opportunities to successful participants at Turkcell.

Noting that they will start a new project, Aksu said, “In the fight against climate change, it is not enough to just change the process. It is necessary to clean the seas and nature, to use energy efficiently, and to eliminate carbon. In this context, she participated in the Women Writing the Future project in the past and has accumulated knowledge on mobile software and artificial intelligence. We will organize a hackathon that is open to all women who have a disability. In this way, we will encourage our participants to develop different innovative projects on climate change.” made its assessment.

Referring to the steps Turkey has taken in the domestic automobile venture, Aksu emphasized that Turkcell is one of the first telecom companies in the world to invest in the mobility ecosystem, including the production of electric vehicles.

Emphasizing that e-mobility will become an important business area in the coming period, Aksu said, “We do not consider our share in TOGG a purely financial investment. Our aim here is to be one of the important business partners of TOGG on the technology side with the solutions and services we will develop in the field of mobility. “We will play an active role in the internet of things, artificial intelligence, in-car entertainment and payment systems on the e-mobility platform. We have important studies especially in connectivity, artificial intelligence and mobile payment.” used the phrases.

With the “Power of Intelligence” project, 70 thousand students have been educated so far

According to the information given, Turkcell has provided education to 70,000 students to date with the “Intelligence Power” project, which was initiated in cooperation with the Ministry of National Education to introduce gifted students to technology and develop their skills in this field.

In the Intelligence Power technology laboratories established by Turkcell, students are provided with tools such as laptop computers, 3D printers, smart boards, electronic and robotic coding sets and tool kits.

Within the scope of this project, gifted children receive training and develop projects for future technologies such as artificial intelligence, coding, space sciences, robotics, smart home and cloud.

While 10 new classrooms were opened within the scope of the project in 2020 alone, gifted children are currently being educated in 59 laboratories in 41 provinces. In the new period, 14 more laboratories will be opened within the scope of the project.

Students studying in Intelligence Power technology classes in 33 BİLSEM providing education in Turkey produced 5 thousand face shields per month to support healthcare workers during the epidemic period, with the support of their teachers and the new printers Turkcell added to the classrooms.

The Robotel project, developed within the scope of Intelligence Power, started when two people who produced a mechanical hand for a child without fingers, shared it with those in need, and developed with the participation of people from all over the world over time.

With the 3D printers in Turkcell Intelligence Power classes, students produce prosthetic hands for their peers.

Within the scope of the program, under the auspices of the Ministry of National Education, in cooperation with the Robotel Association, “robot hand” training will be given to the Intelligence Power students.

More than 100 thousand students were reached in 112 schools in 60 provinces in the “Disabled Education” program

The “Accessible Education” program, initiated by Turkcell in 2015 under the auspices of the Ministry of National Education, aims to increase the competencies of children with disabilities who need special education and to ensure their participation in social life.

Within the scope of the program, equipped technology classes are set up for students with visual and hearing impairments, and vocational training workshops are set up for students with mental disabilities. In the vocational workshops established in many special education centers throughout Turkey, students with mild mental disabilities are prepared for the after-school business life.

While students are able to participate in after-school employment with the job skills they have gained in different fields, more than 100 thousand students have been reached in 112 schools in 60 provinces since 2015 through the program.

With the new project launched in 2020 within the scope of the program, coding training was provided through the Braille printed coding kit distributed to visually impaired children. Thanks to the robotic kit and training program for the visually impaired, nearly 1,000 visually impaired students were introduced to the digital world during the year.

Turkcell started to support mentally handicapped students in the field of sports with the “Accessible Sports” project, which it launched in 2020. Sports training was given to nearly 5 thousand disabled children with barrier-free sports classes established in 11 special education schools across Turkey.

Turkcell, which made 557 national patent applications in 2020, became “Turkey’s patent leader”

Turkcell’s R&D and innovation center, Turkcell Teknoloji, continues to create many innovative inventions, products and services around the world with its 1,300 competent engineers.

Having made 557 national patent applications only in 2020, Turkcell is the “patent leader of Turkey”, while maintaining its first place in the sector as the owner of more than 700 registered patents in addition to 2 thousand 674 national and 167 international patent applications to date.

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