Turkey became the holiday addresses of Ukrainian tourists in the Covid-19 process

Touristic facilities, which have completed their preparations within the scope of the new type of coronavirus (Kovid-19) measures in Muğla, host Ukrainian tourists.

In the tourism center Muğla, where all kinds of precautions are taken for guests during the Kovid-19 process, there are no compromises in the facilities in the facilities. Visitors to the hotels and blue flag beaches in the region are allowed to enter the sea and the pool, and move within the scope of the social distance rule in the sunbathing areas.

The first 350-person Ukrainian tourist group, who came to Muğla on April 28, by plane, will spend about two weeks in hotels in Fethiye and Marmaris.

“We feel safe here”

Tatyana Skrayvien, one of the Ukrainian tourists, told AA correspondent that they had visited their beloved Muğla several times before for a holiday.

Stating that he had a holiday in Muğla before the epidemic, Skrayvien said, “I especially admire Marmaris. I spend every holiday in Muğla and love it very much. We came here for a holiday not only because it is an open destination, but because we love the region. The precautions here are also very good. , we feel safe. We admire Muğla’s natural beauty, green and blue. ” she spoke.

Natalia Şüveyt, one of the tourists, noted that she preferred Muğla for a pleasant holiday.

Explaining that he wanted to see the natural beauties closely, Şüveyt said, “This is the seventh development for Turkey. It is one of the best countries in the world fighting the epidemic. We love Turkey very much.” she said.

Dimitri Movçan, one of the tourists, stated that he had come to Turkey for a holiday before, but it was his first visit to Muğla with his wife and children.

Pointing out that everything in the city is very nice and they witnessed that all necessary precautions are taken, Movçan said, “Muğla is an ideal region for vacation. I will spend about two weeks in Marmaris with my family and I am very happy. We do not have any worries here.” used the expression.

“Around 160 thousand Ukrainian passengers will come to Dalaman”

YDA Dalaman Airport General Manager Cengiz Tuğrul Ayaz said that the majority of the tourists coming to the city every year are from England, Russia and Ukraine.

Stating that most of the hotels and airports in Muğla have received the Safe Tourism Certificate and they have started to wait for the guests this season, Ayaz said:

“We are expecting about 8,500 Ukrainian tourists to our region until May 17th. According to current pre-reservations, around 160,000 Ukrainian passengers will come to Dalaman during the season. According to the planning, England will take the first steps. “

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