Turkey reached the critical threshold by reaching 1 percent share in world exports

President Erdoğan said, “Now, Turkey has reached the critical threshold by reaching 1 percent share in world exports.” said.

President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan stated that Turkey has reached the critical threshold by reaching a share level of 1 percent in world exports and said, “The fact that it constantly rises in the Global Innovation Index clearly shows that this success is not a coincidence, but the result of a sincere and intense effort.” said.

President Erdoğan started his speech at the 28th Ordinary General Assembly of the Turkish Exporters Assembly (TIM) and the Champions of Export Award Ceremony by congratulating the industry winners who won these awards, as well as the highest exporting companies and their representatives.

“I have always stood by our exporters, whom I see as my friends on the road, struggle, cause and destiny, and I will continue to be.” Erdogan said that the most concrete example of this friendship of fate is that they lived together during the epidemic that swept the whole world.

Expressing that he is a close witness of how exporters shed their sweat during this troubled period, how they rush from country to country by taking all kinds of risks, and the effort they put forth, Erdoğan said: ” he said.

Pointing out that together, they are well aware of the possibilities and areas of action that the country has gained in other areas, with the strengthening of its economy, and said:

“For this reason, I do not see what you do as just making money. Today, trade has missions beyond just buying and selling goods. Our exporters are the most important representatives of our cultural and social relations in the countries they go to. You are their ambassadors, you are the ones who cross the line when necessary. May my Lord be pleased with all of you.

The aim of the Turkish Exporters Assembly, which gathers 27 sectors, 61 exporters’ unions and more than 95 thousand exporters in our country, is to reach the target of Turkey, which has a foreign trade surplus. Our export success, embodied in the Turkish Exporters Assembly, is also the symbol of the rising power, increasing reputation and expanding sphere of influence of our country’s economy. As a matter of fact, the titles of strong infrastructure, strong human resources, strong exports, strong economy, strong Turkey, which you refer to as 5G, are also a summary of our 2023 targets. In fact, we have shortened these goals and more under the heading of a Great and Powerful Turkey.”

President of Turkey Recep Tayyip Erdoğan made a speech by attending the Champions of Export Award Ceremony and the Ordinary General Assembly of the Turkish Exporters Assembly (TIM) held in Istanbul. (Murat Kula – Anadolu Agency)

“Our success in export has become our national motivation”

President Erdoğan said: “Our success in exports has now become our national motivation. he said.

Stating that the business world, represented in the Turkish Exporters Assembly, has closed 10 of the last 12 months with record-breaking success, showing how accurate this trust is, Erdoğan said:

“Now, Turkey has reached the critical threshold by reaching a share of 1 percent in world exports. Its continuous rise in the Global Innovation Index clearly shows that this success is not a coincidence, but the result of a sincere and intense effort. In our young people’s orientation to entrepreneurship, they expand their visions by looking at the world from this perspective, and strengthen their equipment, Our exporters have a great contribution to increase their courage. The most important trump card of Turkey, which continues on its way by continuously increasing investment and production, increasing technology and quality, and expanding the spectrum in order to become one of the 10 largest economies in the world, is its export power. We aim to increase it to 300 thousand. Only in this way, we can increase our exports and the number of exporters, which we have increased from approximately 3 billion dollars to 20 billion dollars in the last 20 years, at the same rates. The increase in the number of companies that make horses and the number of employment per company every year shows that we are on the right track.”

Erdogan said that the fact that representatives from 50 different provinces were among the top thousand exporting companies last year is a sign that exports have spread throughout the country in a radical and permanent way.

Emphasizing that TİM has made great contributions to shaping these tables and reaching the current level, Erdoğan said that as business people who work for the development of the country and the welfare of the nation are produced, exported, and employed, they are moving towards a place where they can look to the future with much more confidence.

President Erdogan continued as follows:

“We did not and will not allow anyone to disrupt this beautiful climate of conversation, to stop this rise, to distract us from our goals. We did not and will not allow those who try to bring the political, economic, social crises and security problems in our region inside our borders. “We have always disappointed those who want to prevent us from turning the visions of 2071 into the compass of our future, and we will continue to do so. As long as we preserve our unity, solidarity and brotherhood with our nation and the business world, by Allah’s leave, no one can prevent us from achieving our goals.”

President of Turkey Recep Tayyip Erdoğan attended the Export Champions Award Ceremony held in Istanbul and the Ordinary General Assembly of the Turkish Exporters Assembly (TIM) and presented their awards to the officials of the export champion companies. President Erdoğan posed for a photo with the award-winning business people. (Arif Hüdaverdi Yaman – Anadolu Agency)

“We achieved this month’s all-time record with $19 billion”

President Erdoğan stated that despite the epidemic conditions in exports last year, a very good performance was achieved and said:

“Thank God, we are at a much better level this year. We have reached the highest export figures in the history of the Republic on a monthly, 6-month and 12-month basis this year. For example, our 12-month exports crossed the 200 billion dollar threshold for the first time and broke a record with 211 billion dollars as of September 17. In August We achieved this month’s all-time record with 19 billion dollars, which represents an increase of 52 percent compared to the same month of the previous year. We hope that we will reach 20 billion dollars in September. More importantly, the ratio of exports to imports increased to 85 percent. In the past, 55 percent. The level reached by this rate, which has decreased to the level of 000, is a sign of how healthy the Turkish economy and exports are.”

Expressing that the contribution of exports of goods and services to this success of the Turkish economy, which recorded a record growth of 21.7 percent in the second quarter, was 10.8 points, Erdoğan emphasized that the contribution of net exports to growth was 6.9 points.

Emphasizing that this rate has been recorded as the highest export contribution to the growth figures announced for the last 23 years, Erdoğan noted that there are very few examples in the world that can be compared with Turkey’s increase in exports.

Expressing that they carried this success story written by exporters even further, Erdoğan said that they expanded their export network concentrated in nearby geographies to far more distant geographies.

“We are announcing the action plan we have prepared to increase our exports to 81.5 billion dollars”

Stating that two-thirds of exports have been countries with a range of 2 thousand kilometers to date, Erdoğan said, “We are now implementing the strategy of distant countries with a range of 8 thousand kilometers. Our aim is to increase the share of our country in imports of countries in distant geographies by 4 times. In this direction, with a size of 84.5 trillion dollars, the world In the coming days, we are announcing the action plan we have prepared to increase our exports to 17 countries, which make up 64 percent of the economy, to 81.5 billion dollars. used the phrases.

Explaining that a period that will move towards new continents and new opportunities with exporters has been entered, Erdoğan stated that new opportunities and new breakthroughs bring new needs with them.

Expressing that new opportunities should be developed to meet these new needs in order to achieve the goals, Erdoğan continued his speech as follows:

“Today, I would like to share with you the good news that we are establishing a new mechanism that will provide financing in line with the pace of our increasing exports. With the Export Promotion Fund we will establish, we are creating a financing source that is only accessible to you, in addition to the other supports we provide to our exporters. The problem of collateral in our exporters’ access to finance will be eliminated. I wish the Export Promotion Fund will be beneficial for our country and you in advance. We are also restructuring EximBank by increasing its capital, making it more functional and stronger. Thus, increasing its qualified human resources is a competitive and efficient technological We will strengthen the technical know-how of our exporters by creating an infrastructure.The transformation that will begin in this way will improve the service standards and business experience of our exporters in a positive way. It will reduce bureaucracy and ensure efficient use of resources.”

President of Turkey Recep Tayyip Erdoğan attended the Champions of Export Award Ceremony and the Ordinary General Assembly of the Turkish Exporters Assembly (TIM) held in Istanbul. (TCCB / Murat Çetinmühürdar – Anadolu Agency)

“We will bring the fair center to the country as soon as possible”

Expressing that another good news he will share today is the step they will take to make Istanbul an exhibition center suitable for the country’s capacity, President Erdoğan noted that they will bring this exhibition center to the country as soon as possible.

President Erdoğan stated that it is a determination for them to turn Istanbul, the meeting point of Asia, Europe and Africa, into an exhibition center and to make it the heart of global trade.

Stating that Turkey has been at the pinnacle of its history in its search for democracy and development for nearly two centuries, Erdoğan said: He stressed that they would consider it well.

Stating that thanks to the strong democracy and development infrastructure they have established in the past 19 years, they have been able to move forward with determined steps towards the goal of a great and strong Turkey, Erdogan said, “We have come to this day by preserving the climate of stability and trust, despite the games of tutelage, attacks by terrorist organizations, coup attempts, and many internal and external traps.” said.

“As I will say at the United Nations General Assembly in the United States on Tuesday, we are determined to do whatever we can to take our rightful place in the new global system in the coming period.” Erdogan said, ending his speech as follows:

“The Presidential Government System has provided us with the management capacity we need in this regard. I sincerely believe that our business world has the ability to quickly respond to the new demands and trends of the global economy. Our exporters will be the locomotives of this new period, too. How will we achieve Turkey’s 2023 goals together? I have no doubt that you will be one of the main carriers of the visions of 2053 and 2071.”

Erdoğan congratulated the companies and business people who were deemed worthy of the Export Champions Award and wished them continued success in the future.


The ceremony was attended by President Erdoğan, Industry and Technology Minister Mustafa Varank, Transport and Infrastructure Minister Adil Karaismailoğlu, Treasury and Finance Minister Lütfi Elvan, Trade Minister Mehmet Muş, Turkish Exporters Assembly President İsmail Gülle, Koç Holding Deputy Chairman Ali Koç and guests attended. President Erdoğan was presented with a painting by the painter İsmail Acar and the book “Turkey’s first thousand exporters” by Gülle.

The awards were given to the companies that exported the most in 2020 by President Erdoğan. Award-winning company representatives took a souvenir photo with Erdoğan and the ministers.

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