Turkey’s new armored vehicle Altuğ 8×8 is preparing for duty

The Altuğ 8×8 Armored Combat Vehicle and Armored Personnel Carrier were developed by evaluating the latest user requirements, mission concepts, threats, technology and trends, and the capabilities of existing domestic and foreign vehicles.

BMC, one of the armored land vehicle manufacturers of the Turkish defense industry, is preparing the new 8×8 class armored combat vehicle and personnel carrier Altuğ for duty.

BMC made the first cover opening of the Altuğ 8×8 at the 15th International Defense Industry Fair (IDEF 2021), which was held last month with the participation of President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan and Minister of National Defense Hulusi Akar.

According to the information received by the AA correspondent, the Altuğ 8×8 Armored Combat Vehicle, developed with advanced technology in accordance with the field experiences of the Turkish Armed Forces in recent years, is aimed to provide a great advantage in asymmetrical war environments. The vehicle is expected to be preferred by friendly and allied countries, especially Turkey, and to create an export input.

The Altuğ 8×8 Armored Combat Vehicle (35 millimeter gun turret) and Armored Personnel Carrier (12.7 millimeter gun turret) exhibited at IDEF 2021 are designed to meet all the needs of conventional and asymmetrical battlefields in their class.

The vehicles come to the fore with their superior features in every aspect determined by evaluating the latest user requirements, mission concepts, threats, technology and trends, as well as the capabilities of domestic and foreign vehicles available in this market.

A high domesticity rate of up to 80 percent is targeted for the Altuğ 8×8 series vehicles. In addition to the domestic and national axle equipment in all versions of the vehicles, studies are continuing to use domestic engines in the 8×8 and 6×6 versions with 12.7 mm gun turrets.

It will carry 8 tons of payload

BMC has produced 5 Altug 8×8 Armored Personnel Carriers so far. The vehicles are tested in the toughest field and road conditions.

It is expected that the vehicle will be preferred abroad as well as in the country with its different superstructure and tower systems.

The Altuğ 8×8 Armored Combat Vehicle can operate with a carrying capacity of 3 crew and 9 personnel.

Capable of carrying all kinds of weapons from 7.62 millimeters to 120 millimeters, the Altug 8×8 offers superior protection against mines and hand-made explosives. Altug can carry a payload of up to 8 tons.

Having “multi-tasking capability on a single platform” with its detachable and replaceable roof concept, Altuğ operates with advanced maneuverability thanks to 4-axle steering.

With its large interior volume, Altuğ 8×8 offers high comfort for personnel in all climates and terrain conditions. Altuğ will be used with an infrastructure that is easy to maintain, has high system reliability and has low life cycle costs.

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