Turkey’s new name in the innovative energy sector PNR Energy

This year, the Factories Producing Their Energy Fair and Summit, which will bring a new blood to the sector, was held with excitement and curiosity.

The Summit, which took the form of a technology base, consisted of Factories Producing Energy, Robot Investments, Industry 4.0 and Process Summits.

Since it was the first summit after the pandemic, it was important for investors and energy companies to come together. Today, when technology is on the rise in global markets, PNR Energy took its place at the PNR Energy Factories Fair and Summit in order to constantly monitor the dynamics of the sector, to constantly update the company in terms of technology, to share the right route with investors and to meet with them after a long time.

It has been a great pleasure and pride to bring together the solar power plants using high technology, which were realized in many cities of Turkey and in the Global, and in the USA, where PNR Energy has branches, with investors.

PNR Energy General Manager Pınar Şen explaining the sector to a customer

Investors met directly with the manufacturer

Investors were given detailed information about the innovative materials used in the world, high quality workmanship and the high performance value outputs of their power plants, and the solar power plants they have built on a turnkey basis. Investors’ interest in the power plants, where each power plant is designed and implemented within the scope of sustainability, by designing, engineering analysis, photovoltaic panels and components and system integration installation, has been great.

While the investors were negotiating with PNR Energy for the solar power plants they plan to install in their own factories, they also had the opportunity to examine the details of many solar power plants that PNR Energy continues and will start, and to find answers to the question marks in their minds.

Dynamics of PNR Energy were explained at the panel

Within the scope of the Factories Producing their Energy Summit, PNR Energy General Manager, Civil Engineer Pınar ŞEN attended the “New Technologies and Efficiency in Solar Energy” Panel, held on the 2nd day of the Summit, with the visitors of the Fair, “Solar Power Plants on Roofs, the current situation of the sector and the new awaiting the energy sector”. trends”; She also gave information about the past and future projects of PNR Energy and the energy product R&D studies it has developed in the field of Energy.

Touching on the importance of reducing carbon emissions from the use of Renewable Energy sources for the planet, saving trees and their direct impact on climate change, ŞEN said that Renewable Energy has now become a necessity in every field, from industrialists to industrial use, to carbon taxes; she stated that it is within the scope of all arteries from household use to agricultural irrigation.

PNR Energy General Manager Pınar Şen

Possible to install individual power plants

Both Energy efficiency and incentives; she also stated that it is possible to establish your own power plants that will not be affected by the increases in your electricity bill, by paying as if you were paying your electricity bill, with support and mechanisms in energy solutions on a system basis.

She underlined the importance of keeping up with the transformation in energy, with the fact that Renewable Energy is now a part of every aspect of our lives.

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