Turkey’s transformation must be human-based

Hamle Technology Group Chairman of the Board Ahmet Murat Nuhoğlu underlined that Turkey’s digital transformation method should be human-based and that human resources offer important opportunities for Turkey.

Nuhoğlu, who explained digital transformation to vocational high school students in Mehmet Tuğrul Tekbulut Vocational and Technical Anatolian High School’s (MTAL) online seminar titled “Future Talks 2021”, gave advice to students in the seminar broadcast on Youtube and shed light on the future.

“Gave direction to our lives”

Nuhoğlu stated that he graduated from Gebze Industrial Vocational High School Electronics Department in 1993 and emphasized how their teacher, Erdoğan Teközgen, who guided his life, envisioned the future years ago.

Nuhoğlu stated that their teachers constantly motivate themselves that if they know and learn digital electronics and PLC programming, they will not be unemployed and they can come to good places.

Pointing out that his teachers have seen the benefits of the education he received in vocational high school, saying that it touched the lives of students, and that his teachers predicted that technology would change, Nuhoğlu said, “Our teacher saw where the transformation in Turkey would start from and where it would go. He knew that the education we received at that moment would not be of much use in the future, but that our lives could be transformed with critical information.”

“Work done with robots will turn into additive manufacturing”

Stating that Industry 4.0 is the name of Germany’s digital transformation roadmap that will continue until 2030, Nuhoğlu said that it is a registered German brand, adding that the fourth industrial revolution, which has been on the agenda of the world since 2015 and which is described as Industry 4.0 in Turkey, has been named by various names in different countries. stressed that it is important to catch up with this transformation.

Informing that robotics, software and artificial intelligence are at the forefront at this point, Nuhoğlu stated that technologies such as artificial intelligence, internet of things, virtual-augmented reality, digital twin applications, deep learning, robotics, blockchain should be considered as a whole in digital transformation.

Nuhoğlu said that the production will be modeled as completely unmanned in the next period, and that many works done with robots will turn into additive production.

“The real opportunity is that technologies are produced by young people”

Underlining that Turkey’s digital transformation method should be human-based, Nuhoğlu continued his words as follows:

“If you are in Germany or Japan, you try to dehumanize all processes because your weak point is people. However, Turkey is currently the country with the highest human capacity. We will come to an important point with the participation of our young population in production. In the coming period, if digital transformation is based on device application integration in accordance with the Industry 4.0 metaphor, it will be a great opportunity for young people because you will integrate them. But the bigger opportunity is the production of integrated technologies by you.”

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