Türkiye’s Digital Attack (Türkye’nin Dijital Hamlesi)

Türkye'nin Digital Move in Industry (Türkye'nin Dijital Hamlesi)
“Digital move” conference in Türkye’nin industry held in Kocaeli Gebze Chamber of Commerce on Tuesday, August 23, Secretary General Atty. Mustafa Yaşar SEKİN’s speech and then Hamle Teknoloji Group Chairman of the Board A.Murat Nuhoğlu, Prof.Dr. Ersin Karaman continued with his speeches…

“Digital move” conference in Türkye’nin industry held in Kocaeli Gebze Chamber of Commerce on Tuesday, August 23, Secretary General Atty. Mustafa Yaşar SEKİN’s speech and then Hamle Teknoloji Group Chairman of the Board A.Murat Nuhoğlu, Prof.Dr. Ersin Karaman continued with his speeches…


Stating that the scales used in the projects to determine the maturity level of digital transformation in Türkiye are carried out with scales developed for developed country businesses such as Hannover Messe Institute or Singapore-based SIRI (The Smart Industry Readiness Index), Nuhoğlu said that especially SME scale enterprises in Türkiye should not be evaluated with the scales of developed countries. underlined. Nuhoğlu stated that the digitalization roadmaps prepared for the businesses with the scales developed for developed countries were determined far from practicability, therefore, they applied a let’s look/see policy with the reflex of avoiding adventures with high costs and uncertain end because they did not know what to do. He stated that otherwise such a problem would be eliminated.

In this context, Erzurum Atatürk University and Assoc. Dr. Ersin Karaman said that they have determined the digital transformation roadmap of 60 companies in 10 different sectors, in 5 different cities, with the Digital Move Scale they developed with domestic facilities. Noting that they started the digital transformation processes by determining the digital maturity level of the enterprises, Nuhoğlu summarized the next process as follows: “In the companies where we carry out digital transformation check-up, we carry out a project to prepare a strategy document, and then, with our employment and internship programs, Turkish young people are just like in the defense industry. We aim to enable our companies to carry out both economical and efficient projects by increasing their efforts in the digital transformation processes in the industry.”


Stating that Türkiye’nin digitalization processes in the industry are carried out with the perspective of Industry 4.0, officially declared by the German state, Nuhoğlu noted that the transformation in the defense industry was carried out entirely with a domestic perspective and with the projects of Turkish youth. Nuhoğlu explained this as follows: “If Türkiye had done in the defense industry what it is currently trying to do in industry; It would try to copy F16. It is mentioned that the Turkish defense industry has recently changed its war doctrine.

Does such a great revolution take place with the UAV or SIHA that the Americans, Israelis and other countries have done before? The superiority of the Turkish defense industry comes from the effective use of artificial intelligence. Turkish defense products act in an integrated manner with a platform perspective, digital transformation on the battlefield takes place with devices and software originally developed by Turkish youth, and world-class technologies are rendering the most advanced defense systems helpless. Therefore, we are talking about a game-changing structure here. We need to do the same in our industry. In summary, while doing this, did our defense industry look at the current produced technology and imitate it and develop it? No, he developed a brand new technology.”

Instead of focusing on the concepts and technologies of developed countries such as Industry 4.0 and Society 5.0, we can gain an advantage by producing our own technology. In fact, the way to do this is to draw our young people into the process. You can also buy devices from American, German or Japanese technology manufacturers and add them to production, or we can train our young people for innovative technologies and realize this transformation by investing in people, not devices. We take this perspective; We call it the ‘Digital MOVE’ perspective.


Nuhoğlu, who called businesses to make a “Digital Move”, explained the stages of the process as follows: “First of all, the current situation of the business should be determined, a general view should be reviewed, that is, a check-up should be made. We do this as experts in the field of management, informatics or industry. We do this by bringing together teams, where our academics come together with experienced engineers in the field. In the second step, a digital and strategic plan needs to be prepared. That is, businesses should prepare a strategy plan and make their investments rationally instead of investing in technology whenever there is a need without a plan or program. , production and service processes also need to be optimized. At this point, the biggest mistake is that we will pay, we will get the money, we will digitalize the device or software. If the institutional functioning of the enterprise is not sound, no software or device will digitize the production of that enterprise it cannot. Subsequently, the area of ​​need and the technologies to be used must be determined. This is a very important item because one of the biggest mistakes made in digital transformation projects in Türkiye is the incompatible investments in different technologies in different departments, and at the end of the day, very serious problems in terms of integration are encountered. Therefore, it would be appropriate to determine what the company’s needs cover, which technologies will be used in line with the company’s digital transformation strategy, and to realize the projects accordingly in the departments in the enterprise. Finally, we call it the management of the digital transformation process in human-oriented projects. If we train our engineers and specialize in innovative technologies such as artificial intelligence, deep learning, augmented reality and embedded systems, we can succeed. We, as Hamle Bilişim, show practically that this is possible with our technology partners in Informatics Valley, the academicians we cooperate with at universities, and the internship programs we conduct. It is necessary to manage the digital transformation process of enterprises with human-oriented projects, that is, technology application projects carried out by engineers working in enterprises.”

We aim to enable our companies to carry out both economical and efficient projects by carrying out a project to prepare a strategy document in the companies where we perform digital transformation check-up, and then by increasing the effort of the Turkish youth in the digital transformation processes in the industry, just like in the defense industry, with our employment and internship programs.

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