UBER started to serve in Bodrum, Turkey’s holiday city

Uber, which started its operations in Istanbul, Ankara and then in Izmir a short time ago, started to serve in Bodrum with Uber Taxi.

Uber, which was withdrawn from Turkey due to some problems experienced in the past years, started to serve again as of January 2021. The company, which offers only Uber Taxi service instead of VIP taxi service according to the previous service order, announced that it started to serve first in Istanbul, then Ankara and finally İzmir.

The new stop of Uber Taxi is Bodrum. The transportation network company announced on its social media accounts that it started operating with Uber Taxi in Bodrum after İzmir. In addition, users who prefer Uber in Bodrum can benefit from a one-time discount of 40 TL.

Uber’s 40 TL discount coupon: MERHABABODRUM

With the announcement made on its official Twitter account, Uberi announced that they will start serving in Bodrum as of July 16, today. In the statement, “Uber Taxi is now in Bodrum! A trip you will make in Bodrum with the code MERHABABODRUM is a gift from Uber up to 40 TL!” statements were included.

Uber, which previously provided free round-trip service to vaccination appointments to support the vaccination campaign, has published a 40 TL discount coupon that can be used by anyone who downloads the application after its launch in Bodrum.

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