UN award for the digital services of the Ministry of Justice in the epidemic process

The Ministry of Justice was awarded by the United Nations (UN) for continuing its uninterrupted justice services during the Covid-19 outbreak.

The Ministry of Justice’s General Directorate of Information Technologies was nominated for the WSIS (World Information Society Summit) 2021 Awards, ex officio by the International Telecommunications Union (ITU), the UN’s organization responsible for the information and communication sector, with its project covering the epidemic process.

During the Covid-19 outbreak, the activities prepared by the General Directorate of Information Technologies, which ensures the uninterrupted continuity of justice services, competed in 1,270 projects from various parts of the world. The services of the Ministry of Justice in the digital field were included in 360 projects that were submitted to the public vote after the comprehensive evaluations of the WSIS Expert Group.

In the internationally prestigious award program, the services of the General Directorate of Information Technologies are among the projects that received the most votes in the voting, and the title of “Our Actions Against Coronavirus COVID-19” in the “e-employment” category. under the WSIS 2021 award.

The award ceremony will be presented at the online WSIS Awards Forum in Geneva, Switzerland, on May 18, 2021.

Rewarding applications during the epidemic process

Many services have been implemented by the Ministry of Justice in order not to interrupt the judicial services due to the Kovid-19 outbreak. Some of the award-winning regulations from the international organization are as follows:

  • With the remote working model, it was ensured that mainly technical personnel continue their work at home and connect to their computers at work.
  • While VPN software was used for connection to systems accessible over the Internet, applications such as authorized storage media, communication and video conferencing tools, project management tools were included for remote workers.
  • Laptop computer provision and VPN services were provided for personnel who want to implement remote work in the central units of the Ministry.
  • While face-to-face meetings and visits were terminated, the meetings were made via teleconferencing and video conferencing. Pre-planned or needed meetings took place online. The principles of confidentiality and access to authorized persons were fulfilled in attending the meetings held.
  • Workplace phones were directed to the staff’s phones.
  • Covid-19 awareness trainings were prepared and presented to users through the distance education system online platforms.
  • Mobile apps accelerate access to justice

Mobile applications developed by the Ministry of Justice are also offered to citizens in digital markets. With 5 mobile applications developed by the Ministry, judicial processes are accelerated and citizens’ access to justice services is facilitated. CELSE for Lawyers provides the convenience of obtaining information from mobile phones with e-Justice applications for citizens, e-Mediator for mediators, e-Mediator for Mediators and e-Expert applications for experts.

In addition, the e-Trial system developed by the Ministry of Justice is implemented in 535 courts. While the new system saves time and effort during the fight against coronavirus, it also prevents the density that may occur in courts.

WSIS awards

Almost all United Nations member organizations support the WSIS Awards, an internationally prestigious award program given in 18 different categories. WSIS, the organization that brings together the world’s most extensive information communication technology developments, aims to encourage the development of information and communication technologies in countries and to improve the information infrastructures of developing countries.

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