US political scientist Reynolds: Turkey will become even more important in terms of the multilateral global system

Michael A. Reynolds, “When we consider Turkey and Turkey’s place in the multilateral system in the world, there is no doubt that Turkey will become even more important in terms of the multilateral or multipolar global system.” said.

Presidency’s Directorate of Communications conducted a series of interviews with experts in their fields, titled “Rebuilding Confidence and Refreshing Hope in the Post-Kovid-19 Period: Turkey’s Perspective on the International Order”, in which the UN reform was also discussed, as part of the UN 76th General Assembly.

Princeton University Director of Near Eastern Studies, Assoc. Dr. In the interview, Michael A. Reynolds evaluated Turkey’s place in the regional and global equation and the important roles it plays.

Reynolds, a US political scientist, emphasized that Turkey plays important roles not only in its own region but also in many parts of the world and said, “When we consider Turkey and Turkey’s place in the world multilateral system, Turkey’s role in a multilateral or multipolar global system. There is no doubt that it will become even more important.” said.

Reynolds pointed out that Turkey plays very important political, economic and military roles.

Reynolds pointed out that Ankara successfully performs tasks that serve international peace and stability not only in its own region, but also in different parts of the world: “I was going to say that Turkey is a stable actor in more than one part of the world and this will not change. ” he said.

“Turkey plays an important role in the security of the Greater Middle East”

Emphasizing that Turkey’s contribution to the security and stability of the Middle East is very important, the American political scientist said:

“I think you, as Turkey, play an important role in the security of the great region where Afghanistan is located and the greater Middle East. This is because Turkey’s geographical location, stable stance, its status as a stable government in the region and its developing military technology, and a capable army. that it is.”

Evaluating the latest situation in Afghanistan, Reynolds stated that the relations between Turkey and Afghanistan go back a long way and that the close relations established after the First World War are very important.

Reynolds continued:

“Turkey and Afghanistan saw each other as two states with common points. In an era of rising imperialism, both were Muslim, independent and sovereign states. There weren’t many states in this way. Therefore, I think there was an understanding between Afghanistan and the Turks, something common. “They realized what they shared. You have cultural ties through Islam, which is an important point. I think it makes it easier for Turks to communicate with Afghans. This is also very necessary and I think we can count on Turkey to continue to play this role and to use its power for stability and play a positive role in the whole region.” “

Reynolds emphasized that especially the immigration problem has become an important topic for the international system in the recent period and stated that this problem is valid not only for countries like Turkey but also for the USA.

Noting that there is no simple and universal solution to the immigration problem, Reynolds said that what needs to be done is to address the issue correctly and focus on constructive solutions.

“Turkey is located in an extraordinarily sensitive geography”

Reynolds said:

“As you know, the reasons underlying this, I think are the reasons that have always made Turkey an important player. The first of these is, of course, its geographical location. Turkey is located in an extraordinarily sensitive geography. Some of the Balkans, Europe, the Black Sea region, the Caucasus. , the Middle East… These are all regions that have faced multiple threats to stability over the past decade. Unfortunately, I think most of these threats to stability will continue. I think what makes Turkey important, besides its geographical location, is its cultural ties to all these regions. Whether these regions are Europe, the Islamic world, the Caucasus or Eurasia, Turkey is no stranger to any of these regions.

Emphasizing that Turkey’s deep-rooted state history and rich diplomatic tradition gave Turkey an advantage in these regions, Reynolds said, “Turkey has a great experience in being a leader in all these regions, both in the Republican era and in the Ottoman Empire. Not only does it continue, but I hope it can play a larger and more productive role, which I think is very important for the future of these regions and for global stability.” he said.

Reynolds also evaluated the function of international institutions and noted that the UN would never be able to fulfill its duty of being a “central political power”.

Stating that the UN should be seen more like an advisory board, Reynolds said, “I think the way to improve the international order is to strengthen global sovereignty. In my opinion, states should be responsible to their own people.” used the phrases.

The panel titled “Rebuilding Confidence and Renewing Hope in the Post-Covid-19 Period: Turkey’s Perspective on the International Order”, where the UN reform was also discussed by the Directorate of Communications within the scope of the UN 76th General Assembly, was held at the UN Plaza in New York on 17 September 2021. was also carried out.

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