Virgin Galactic pilots are preparing for space travel with the software of the Turkish company

Virgin Galactic, which provides space travel services, uses software developed by Quantum3D, a US-based Turkish company owned by HAVELSAN.

IDX80, the image generator of Quantum3D, a US-based Turkish company owned by HAVELSAN, is used by Virgin Galactic, a space travel service provider, for the training of pilots and the preparation of passengers for flight.

According to the information obtained by the AA correspondent, HAVELSAN, which operates in the field of software-intensive systems and whose solutions are used in the country and abroad, recently purchased Quantum3D, which operates in Silicon Valley, in order to open up to international markets and increase export revenues.

Simulator technologies developer Quantum3D has produced solutions for many international technology companies with its services.

Quantum3D offered the IDX80 image generator product, which also integrates MANTIS simulation software, to the use of US Virgin Galactic, which provides commercial space travel service.

In this way, mission-critical functions such as ground clearance and line-of-sight tests can be experienced realistically, such as gaining familiarity with the vehicle/cockpit, special effects, sensors, weather and lighting.

In line with Virgin Galactic’s additional requirements, Quantum3D used a stand-alone computer to simulate the aircraft tracking image for the VIP throughout the flight.

Creating the visual world

In simulator projects, it is necessary to create a visual world suitable for the training of air, land and sea vehicles. Image generators are used to meet the needs such as viewing large areas, controlling a large number of tactical models, high effect diversity, high model detail in a narrow area or creating images of vehicles with sensor systems.

Thanks to the IDX80, many different simulation applications can be realized, from fixed-wing aviation to weapons and artillery systems, from marine to automotive research, development and driving simulators, from land vehicles to virtual reality.

In addition, real-time visual videos that contribute to the education of the user such as the outside world view, day/night and different seasonal effects, effect images, weather events can be created according to the movement of the vehicle.

Thanks to the images created with high resolution and wide viewing angle, a lifelike experience is possible. In this way, the pilot and passengers are prepared for the real test and journey.

Received new order

Quantum3D has recently received a new order from another space company. The software, which will be delivered in about 2 months, will be used in the simulation of space travel.

Quantum3D solutions, which greatly reduce training costs, are also used in the simulations of aircraft in Turkey and in the training of US Air Force pilots.

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