With the virtual reality glasses developed by young entrepreneurs, eye examinations can be performed even at home

Project Coordinator Keleş said, “As soon as you put on the virtual reality glasses, you find yourself in front of the examination device in the clinic. Eye measurement values and what kind of health problem you have can be seen on the screen of the virtual reality glasses.” said.

A group of young entrepreneurs in Ankara developed technology that allows eye examinations to be performed with virtual reality glasses.

Young entrepreneurs who deserved to present their “Oculera” projects in the field of “Digital Health Initiative” on the stage at the final of the “New Ideas New Jobs Acceleration Program” organized for the 16th time by METU and METU Technopolis, brought together virtual reality technology and eye health services.

The glasses, which METU graduates Mert Keleş, Kağan Özaslan and Hande Güleç produced after a one-year R&D study, enabled the examination using traditional devices to be performed through virtual reality.

Speaking to Anadolu Agency (AA), Project Coordinator Mert Keleş stated that they made the features of eye examination devices brought from abroad into software and transferred to the digital platform by paying 30-50 thousand dollars.

Keleş stated that the virtual reality glasses used for transmission can be thought of as the version of the examination devices that focus directly on the eye area in terms of hardware.

Explaining that they developed the product after listening to the problems experienced by ophthalmologists and hospital operators during the examination with his engineer friends, Keleş explained that they developed the product that can produce solutions for everyone from the academician to the doctor who runs the examination.

“We developed a portable and affordable product”

Stating that they have developed a “portable and affordable” product for eye treatment, Keleş said:

“We are able to deliver this 500 gram weight, portable, affordable product to bedridden patients who normally do not have access to these devices, to people with chronic diseases that should not leave their homes. In this way, we provide products to services such as telemedicine and portable medicine, which are on the rise in the world.

Currently, there is no company in the world that reveals the multi-device vision and actually collects virtual reality glasses. We foresee that such a change will occur in the world. Because we can now perform the work of very expensive optics in the past as a digital display and software. We want to be the pioneer of this change in the world. “

“Virtual glasses used for entertainment are now in the healthcare industry”

Stating that the control panel of the device can be seen from devices such as phones and computers that can connect to the internet, Keleş continued as follows:

“We have turned virtual reality glasses, which are generally used for entertainment, into a functional product to be used in the healthcare industry. With this project, we can download devices from abroad starting from 30-40 thousand dollars to around 30-40 thousand TL. Ş., we turn the hospital into a system that can be reached by people living in areas that are difficult to reach.

It also offers many advantages ergonomically. Normally, in the traditional examination system, the patient needs to wear an eye patch, the patient’s neck and waist need to stay in the same position for minutes. As soon as you put on the virtual reality glasses, you find yourself in front of the examination device in the clinic, thanks to the hardware features. Eye measurement values ​​and what kind of health problem you have can be seen on the screen of the virtual reality glasses. Visual field tests can be performed wherever you want, in the position you want, in a way that you can move and without extra requirements such as an eye patch. “

Keleş stated that the product within the scope of “medical device” can be ready for sale with the approval of the Ministry of Health after the completion of some official processes.

YFYI Acceleration Program

Referring to the “New Ideas New Jobs Acceleration Program” organized by METU Technopolis, Keleş stated that this program is not a competition, it adds significant values to becoming a global company that will bring products to the market for entrepreneurs with little experience.

Noting that the training and mentoring services provided within the scope of the program have brought them great experience, Keleş said, “This is a start for us. We want to bring many traditional devices to a portable, affordable and accessible state in the future, along with new developing products in the new digital era. ” said.

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