Yavuz drilling ship is preparing for its first mission in the Black Sea

Before the first mission of the Yavuz drilling ship in the Black Sea, the dismantling of the tower for the passage of the Bosphorus was completed and the ship anchored off Yenikapı.

In the post made on the Twitter account of the Turkish Petroleum Corporation (TPAO), it was stated that the Yavuz drilling ship was preparing for its first mission in the Black Sea, “Yavuz drilling ship, whose tower dismantling operations were completed, left Haydarpaşa Port and anchored in the open of Yenikapı.

After the technical preparations were completed, Yavuz made the Bosphorus crossing. He will move to the Black Sea.” expressions were used.

The Yavuz drilling ship docked at Haydarpaşa Port on 15 August for the preparations for the Bosphorus crossing and the dismantling of the tower. Yavuz, Fatih and Kanuni drilling ships registered in the inventory of TPAO will work in the Black Sea, where drilling and testing activities continue.

Fatih drilling ship, which has discovered a total of 540 billion cubic meters of natural gas in the last 1 year in the Black Sea, is currently drilling in the Türkali-5 well.

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