“Artificial Intelligence Platform” will be established in the defense industry

President of the Presidency of Defense Industries, Demir stated that the countries that are the fastest in artificial intelligence technologies will be superior to the others and said, “We are planning to put into service the Artificial Intelligence Platform, which we continue to prepare for, in the near future.”

The signing ceremony for the second term award and third term competitions of the Innovative Software Compete Program was held at HDI.

President of the Presidency of Defense Industries, İsmail Demir, in his speech here, said that they continue their efforts to produce the critical components in the defense systems offered to the use of the security forces with their R&D and technology management activities, entirely with domestic and national means.

Stating that they have successfully completed 47 R&D projects so far, and 62 projects are ongoing, Demir stated that the total budget of these projects is 3.5 billion TL.

Demir pointed out that there have been dizzying developments especially in software technologies in recent years, and that software has become the most fundamental component for all technologies:

“We continue to work on sub-technology topics that support artificial intelligence, big data, broadband technologies, robotics, autonomy and cyber security technologies that are directly related to software technologies among emerging and groundbreaking technologies. We have started many projects in artificial intelligence technology simultaneously. For the combat environments of the future.” “We completed the herd intelligence OTAG activities, which is seen as a ‘game changer’ technology, last year. We gathered and started to evaluate project proposals that will make our country superior in the combat environment with the Defense Industry Wide Area R&D (SAGA) calls that we have published this year for swarm intelligence technologies.”

Stating that they attach importance to transforming the objectives specified in the National Artificial Intelligence Strategy into action plans by considering them in terms of the defense industry, Demir made the following assessments:

“Today’s artificial intelligence technology has started to offer innovations that will increase performance in almost all systems and especially increase autonomous capabilities. It is clear that the countries that are the fastest in artificial intelligence technologies and that transform their systems with these technologies will soon be superior to others. SSB, which we continue to prepare for, We plan to launch the Artificial Intelligence Platform as soon as possible. Our goal with this platform is to accelerate the work of our industry in the field of artificial intelligence and make it more productive.”

New era in awards and competition

At the award ceremony, Prof. Dr. Hakan Çevikalp, Emre Başeski from HAVELSAN and Halil Sunar from SDT Space and Defense Technologies were presented their awards.

In the wide area surveillance category, Dr. Osman Serdar Gedik and Emre Can Sevindik won the first place, Fatih Akyön from OBSS Teknoloji AŞ took the second place, and Öner Ayhan from SDT Space and Defense Technologies took the third place.

In the third semester of the program, 3 competitions will be held under the leadership of 3 universities. In this context; Competition contracts were signed with Fırat University on “Synthetic Data Generation with Generative Contention Networks (GAN)”, with ITU on “Developing a Learning-Based Herd Strategy” with Reinforcement, and with METU OGAM on “Route Combination for Moving Target Tracking”.

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