Countdown has begun for TEKNOFEST 2023

The countdown has begun for the TEKNOFEST Aviation, Space and Technology Festival. TEKNOFEST, which is preparing to bring together millions of technology enthusiasts at Istanbul Atatürk Airport, will be held between April 27 and May 1, under the management of the Turkish Technology Team Foundation and the Ministry of Industry and Technology. Last year, more than 1 million 250 thousand people visited TEKNOFEST, which was held across the Black Sea, based in Samsun.

In the 100th anniversary of our Republic, TEKNOFEST, which brings together our young people in technology competitions with the slogan #you will be sent for a Turkey that looks to the future with hope with the vision of a national technology move, will be held in 41 main competitions – 102 different categories this year.

Awards over 13 million TL and material support over 30 million TL are given in the competitions. Last year, more than 150 thousand teams and more than 600 thousand participants from 81 provinces and 107 countries applied to the competitions. With TEKNOFEST technology competitions, in its 6th year, it will be the scene of successful and self-confident projects of young people who struggle to make their dreams come true and to be the best.

The 5-day festival, which will be organized to support the projects of thousands of young people working in these fields with the aim of increasing the interest of young people in the production and development of national technology, will include programs full of technology, science, aviation-flight shows, award ceremonies, exhibitions, summits, workshops and events.

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