EHPOD entered the inventory of the Turkish Air Force

President Erdoğan announced that the Electronic Warfare Pod (EHPOD), developed with domestic and national resources, has been included in the inventory of the Turkish Air Force. EHPOD can be used on F-16s.

President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan, in a statement on his social media account, announced that the Electronic Warfare Pod (EHPOD) to be used in F-16s has been taken into the inventory. The tests of the EHPOD were carried out by the 401st squadron command.

F-16 Electronic Warfare Pod (EHPOD)
In the news published in SavunmaSanayiST; Electronic Countermeasure (ECT) systems are used to confuse or deceive radars. ECT Systems; They can create a large number of decoys on the enemy’s radar, and hide or randomly move real targets. EKT Systems, which ensures the effective protection of the platforms they are connected to against guided missiles, is used by the air forces of most countries against attacks in hostile environments.

EHPOD is being developed as a self-protection system that will include Radar Warning Receiver (RIA) and ECT subsystems and can operate on its own. The RIA subsystem detects the transmissions of the radar systems with multiple broadband antennas placed in the pod. The RIA subsystem periodically scans the frequency band and determines parameters such as frequency, pulse width, direction, and pulse repetition range of the received signals.

Using these measurements, the signals are separated and the broadcast type is determined. On the other hand, the ECT subsystem has wide instantaneous bandwidth and Digital RF memory capabilities. Mission-specific threats and ECT techniques can be programmed into the system according to the outputs of the threat analysis.

System; It is designed to detect and diagnose wide-ranging threats and protects the platform it is on against threats with the ECT subsystem and the Countermeasure Release System in coordination with it.

General Features

RIA and ECT subsystems together;
broadband operation
Engage in multiple threats at once
high output power
High precision navigation
Narrow and broadband Radar Warning Receiver

source yenişafak

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