Erin Engine draws attention with its 100% original Turkish design domestic engine

The first engine of Erin Engine, the foundations of which were laid 11 years ago and established in 2015, is the successful example of the SANTEZ project developed with Yıldız Technical University.

The production of the company is divided into 4 as 100% Turkish original design domestic engines, generators, agricultural irrigation pumps and marine engines. Engines with a 2-year warranty are produced in the R&D Center approved by the Ministry of Industry.

Industrial Diesel Engine – EDM010116018ML

Ersin Şahin, General Manager of Erin Engine, who gave information about environmentally friendly engines that save 20% fuel compared to their western rivals and run silently, said, “We are about to break the dominance of foreign brands that dominate in Turkey and to prevent at least some of the 2.5 billion dollar engine imports. We have been exporting our engines that we have implemented since the day we put them on the market. In the next 5 years, we will change the course of trade from import to export. The most exported product is a generator. So far, we have exported to 6 countries, both from Europe and Africa. Our goal is to capture 51 percent of exports, and then to bring this figure to 70 percent.” said.

He underlines that their next goal is the American and European markets.

Şahin said, “If you aim to produce value-added in today’s world, your market target should be the whole world. Otherwise, it is very difficult to reduce your costs and compete. We want to open up to European and American markets with products in two different segments. The American market, which we have not experienced before, will also be a good challenge for us. As we enter the African market with an engine and generator that are easy to maintain and designed to work for a long time in difficult conditions, the product we plan to enter the American market will appeal to a completely different market.” said.

4 new projects are in progress

Stating that they carry out production in an area of 10 thousand square meters in Istanbul, Ersin Şahin said, “In the founding philosophy of Erin Engine, there is the aim of original engine design and production. Our aim to enter this sector is to produce high value-added products and we allocate a serious resource to R&D activities from the first day to today. Our R&D center, which we established in June 2019, has completed 1.5 years and now we have 4 different projects that we attach great importance to. All of these products will be the first products to be produced in our country. It is in the category of high value-added products because we develop medium-high technology products. We are in the leading position in our industry. Because unfortunately, there are hardly any manufacturers in our industry and our biggest difference is that we constantly innovate.” said.

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