Fiber optic based security system for critical facilities

PHOTO: AA A fiber optic based perimeter security system was developed in cooperation with TÜBİTAK BİLGEM and SAMM Technology. The first application was made to Çamlıca Tower.

With the Fiber Optic Based Acoustic Sensor System (FOTAS) implemented by Turkish engineers, fiber optic cables that provide data transfer can be used in the environmental safety of critical facilities.

Fiber optic cables buried underground within the scope of the developed domestic system are transformed into acoustic sensors. These sensors ensure that mechanical movements occurring at any point on the line are detected acoustically.

Thanks to its deep learning artificial intelligence, the system can distinguish movements that occur from among 150,000 tags classified as climbing, running, and digging. Thus, it offers the opportunity to locate the threat with a 10-meter location accuracy.

Established in the IT Valley with Çamlıca Television and Radio Tower

Integrated with CCTV (Closed Circuit Television) cameras, the system can quickly connect to the camera in the relevant area in case of an alarm.

Distributed fiber optic sensors can be used for security in many areas such as airports, railways, energy facilities, oil refineries, buried oil and gas pipeline systems.

The security system established in Çamlıca Television and Radio Tower and Information Valley detects all kinds of third party interventions such as unauthorized crossing attempts and unauthorized excavations occurring along the route of the line.

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