HAVELSAN’s TEKNOFEST surprise: Unmanned Army

HAVELSAN, which has made a name for itself in the world with its domestic and national products, will introduce the unmanned herd technology that it has been working on since 2018 at TEKNOFEST. Robot soldier Barkan and UAVs will be able to operate together like a regular army.

Turkey, which has made a name for itself with the domestic and national products it has developed in the field of aviation and defense, now continues its efforts to become the number one in unmanned swarm technologies under the leadership of HAVELSAN.

Aiming to make unmanned land, air, underwater and surface vehicles talk to each other with the original algorithm he works on, and enable them to work together with herd logic, HAVELSAN’s General Manager Dr. Mehmet Akif Nacar said, “We are constantly working to gain talent in autonomous technologies. We will present our autonomous air and land vehicles to the public and young people for the first time at Teknofest, which will be held in the coming days.”

In his statement, Nacar gave information about the domestic and national technologies in the field of aviation and defense by HAVELSAN. Explaining that they have been working on autonomous systems since 2018, Nacar explained that they work without slowing down in 4 main fields of activity: command control and defense technologies, simulation autonomous and platform technologies, national security and cyber security, and information and communication technologies.

Domestic and national breakthrough in defense

Nacar drew attention to the importance of developing branded domestic and national technology products in the field of defense and aerospace, and said:

“In this direction, SMEs in the field of defense and aviation, creating a production infrastructure in accordance with military and international standards and criteria, applying the desired quality management system processes in the projects, receiving the necessary trainings to ensure the specialization of the human resources to work in engineering services, e-transformation, digitalization in the last period. Completing the necessary change processes in order not to lag behind the world scale in the field is considered as priority steps.

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