Distinguished observer day of TURAZ Şahin 2021 exercise was held

The “Distinguished Observer Day” of the TURAZ Şahini 2021 Exercise, carried out by the Turkish and Azerbaijani air forces, was held with the participation of Minister of National Defense Akar and Minister of Defense of Azerbaijan Hasanov.

Minister of National Defense Hulusi Akar and Azerbaijani Defense Minister Zakir Hasanov, Chief of General Staff General Yaşar Güler, Chief of General Staff of Azerbaijan Lieutenant General Kerim Veliyev, Air Force Commander General Hasan Küçükakyüz and Azerbaijan Air Forces Commander Lieutenant General Ramiz Tahirov, TURAZ Şahini 2021 Exercise “Distinguished Observer Day” ” came to the 3rd Main Jet Base Command to participate in the activities.

Akar and Hasanov, who were welcomed by Combat Air Force Commander General Atilla Gülan, 3rd Main Jet Base Commander Brigadier General Önder Şensöz and other officials, were briefed on the drill and “Distinguished Observer Day” activities at the Anatolian Eagle Training Center.

Speaking after the briefing, Minister Akar stated that the region is going through a sensitive period and that they are closely following the developments.

Emphasizing that Turkey respects the territorial integrity and sovereignty rights of all its neighbors, Akar said, “We can never have any intention of violating anyone’s borders in any way. We violate the rights and laws of our brothers and sisters.” he said.

Expressing that the Republic of Turkey under the leadership of President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan has now become a subject in the international arena, Akar stated that Turkey’s sphere of influence and interest has expanded in this context.

Pointing out that the Turkish Armed Forces is going through the busiest period in the history of the Republic, Akar said, “All of our forces work hard and put in effort. They sweat and put their lives on the line when necessary. Our struggle continues in this way. Our only goal is to ensure the safety of our country, our friends and brothers. We are making an effort for this. Other than that, everyone should know that we do not have any hidden agendas.” said.

Referring to the importance of the exercises, Akar said, “These successful exercises also intimidate the enemies watching us, and excite our friends and brothers.” made its assessment.

Emphasizing the close fraternal relations between Turkey and Azerbaijan, Akar said, “We perceive the threats made against Azerbaijan as being made against us.” used the phrase.

Akar congratulated the Azerbaijani Armed Forces, who saved their own lands, which had been occupied for 30 years, in a short time like 44 days with the “One Homeland Operation” and said, “The Turkish Armed Forces and Russian soldiers work together in the joint center established after the successful operation, observe the ceasefire, and ensure the ceasefire to be permanent. “We are making an effort together. In addition, we, as the TAF, have tried our best to clear handmade explosives and mines, and we continue to do so.” he said.

“All of you stay healthy and well”

Describing the “Shusha Declaration” signed by President Erdoğan and Azerbaijani President Ilham Aliyev on June 15 as the sealing of brotherhood between the two countries, Akar said that the declaration not only shows the point of cooperation between Turkey and Azerbaijan, but also reveals the road map to be followed from now on.

Explaining that it is important to open the road to prosperity with a permanent peace and tranquility environment in the region, Akar continued his speech as follows:

“It is important that the hand of peace extended by our Honorable President and Aliyev to Armenia, and the offer made to go to peace and tranquility, find a response. Unfortunately, although no complete answer has been received so far, there are some traces and signs. Our aim is to ensure peace and tranquility between the parties. “Our hope is that Armenia abides by the ceasefire, does not make any mistakes, and that the ceasefire in the region becomes permanent and stability is ensured.”

Congratulating the personnel who participated in the exercise, Akar concluded his words with the phrase “Your ham is salami and you have a hot meal”.

Minister of Defense of Azerbaijan Hasanov

Azerbaijani Defense Minister General Zakir Hasanov congratulated the personnel who participated in the exercise.

Stating that the Azerbaijani Armed Forces gained great experience thanks to the exercises that have increased recently, and that the exercises between the armed forces of the two countries will continue, Hasanov said, “The sincere relations between our Heads of State have a positive effect on the relations between the countries and the formation of mutual trust.” said.

Reminding that he always received the support of Turkey during the operation launched by Azerbaijan to liberate the occupied lands, Hasanov said:

“During the war, the President of Turkey, the Minister of Defense and other high officials have repeatedly shown political, moral and diplomatic support to Azerbaijan. Their statements show that Azerbaijan is not alone and that Turkey is always with Azerbaijan, and that the brotherhood of Azerbaijan and Turkey is unshakable. He showed it to the whole world. Having a brother like Turkey with us gives us strength. The people of Azerbaijan see Turkey’s support very valuable. I would like to express my deep gratitude for the support shown by Turkey.”

Thanking Akar for his sincere interest and hosting, Hasanov used the phrase “Long live Turkey, long live Turkey-Azerbaijan brotherhood” at the end of his words.

Special rigging for the exercise

After the briefing at the Anatolian Eagle Training Center, the ministers Akar and Hasanov and their commanders posed for a souvenir photo with the personnel participating in the exercise.

Meanwhile, Akar and Chief of General Staff Gen. Güler were wearing special crests and hats for the exercise. In the special armada prepared for the exercise, two falcons symbolizing the flags of Turkey and Azerbaijan and the expression “one nation, two states” took place.

8 combat aircraft, Airborne Early Warning and Control Aircraft (HIK) and air defense systems and a large number of personnel took part in the TURAZ Şahini 2021 Exercise. With the exercise, mutual experience was exchanged between the Turkish and Azerbaijani air forces on electronic warfare, and practical training on mixed air operations was carried out.

Congratulation to SOLOTÜRK pilot over the radio

After the souvenir photo, Akar and Hasanov and their commanders went to the flight tower.

From here, Akar and Hasanov followed the successful airfield attack and passage passages carried out by the aircraft as part of the exercise, and then watched the SOLOTÜRK show.

At the end of the show, Minister Akar congratulated the SOLOTÜRK pilot, with whom he spoke on the radio, for his successful show, “You have always been a source of excitement and pride for us.” he said.

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