Turkey’s new fighter jet could be Russian-made Su-75 Checkmate

President Erdoğan said, “We are going further and further in the defense industry, and we will go further. But tomorrow, ‘Why don’t you buy the F-35?’ Emphasizing the words “If you don’t give, we won’t buy. Then we will apply to other doors.” The Greek press claimed that Turkey’s new warplane will be the Russian-made “Su-75 Checkmate”. The US press praised the “Su-75 Checkmate” in their analysis and included the concern in its news.

Greek media wrote that Turkey turned to Russian “Su-75 Checkmate” warplanes. In an interview given by President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan to the American channel CBS News, “They should also know that the old Turkey does not exist anymore. This is another Turkey. In the defense industry, we are going further, we will go further.

But tomorrow,” he said. Why don’t you get the F-35?’ They can’t say. If you don’t give, we won’t buy. Then we will apply to other doors,” the Greek press claimed that the Russian-made “Su-75 Checkmate” is Turkey’s new fighter jet candidate.

Agreement with Russia for second delivery close

The news also stated that Turkey is very close to an agreement with Russia for the second party S-400.

The plane that worries the USA: they can now take on us in the geopolitical arena

The US Wall Street Journal wrote that Russia will take on the US in the air and in the geopolitical arena thanks to its new fifth-generation light tactical aircraft, the Su-75 Checkmate. “The Checkmate may be the world’s second single-engine fighter with the most advanced radar and stealth technology,” the article said.

In the article, which draws attention to the fact that the only competitor of the Russian fighter aircraft will be the most powerful aircraft in the inventory of the USA, the F-35 developed by the Lockheed Martin company, the American aircraft is in demand in the world and Washington not only generates income from arms exports, but also achieves its diplomatic goals. its contribution was emphasized.

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