UAV Bouncer acting as kamikaze will stop drone attacks

Turkish defense industry companies are developing solutions to neutralize drone-borne threats using a kamikaze unmanned aerial vehicle.

The drone detection and destruction system developed by HAVELSAN and Transvaro was exhibited at the 3rd Military Radar and Border Security Summit organized by MUSIAD Ankara.

HAVELSAN Command Control Defense Technologies Business Development Manager Nezih Şişman told Anadolu Agency (AA) that the threat posed by low-cost drones or UAVs is increasing day by day.

Stating that there are stand-alone solutions produced by different companies in this regard, that these solutions want a user where they are located and that they detect, diagnose and prevent with their own algorithms, Şişman said that they are large campuses, large critical facilities, organizations with a scattered force level such as the gendarmerie or critical organizations such as Ankara. He stated that they have started work for the total defense of the places where many institutions are scattered.

Şişman stated that they took Aliağa, the refinery region, as a prototype, and that they started integration studies with stakeholder companies, taking into account some defense plans there.

“We are reaching a result that has not been done before in Turkey”

Pointing out that HAVELSAN’s UAVs are trying to create a system whole by adding different software algorithms to the control station and integrating components such as radar, electro-optical suite, mixing devices and RF detectors, Şişman said:

“In this way, we started to do some studies to increase the coating by using different sensors. At the end of the day, we reach a result that has not been tried until today and has not been done in Turkey. The network supported command and control system at its center, the software that allows the integration of different systems, weapons and sensors, provided that it is independent of the manufacturer, and this We propose an artificial intelligence supported system in which all kinds of algorithms will be used to eliminate the threat with the appropriate weapon after the detection, diagnosis and analysis of the threat, thanks to the software.”

It will destroy the drone or drone swarm

Noting that the stakeholder company in the project has drone detection radar, its electro-optical suite, control consoles, the ability to detect threats and use related fusion algorithms, Şişman stated that as HAVELSAN, they removed the intermediate stages and moved such components to an integrated system. Şişman noted the following about the way the system works:

“When a UAV approaches, our radar detects it and transfers it to the electro-optical suite. The electro-optical suite locks and starts to follow the target. Meanwhile, our command and control system provides situational awareness to the user by taking images of the target and the electro-optical system. The system has a new family member, related to it. The tests are still continuing. The kamikaze UAV solution we call Bouncer, which our partner company Transvaro has already tested.After the detections, the intercept geometry is calculated by the calculations made by the command and control software and the kamikaze UAV is thrown to the prevention point of the threat. The kamikaze is a certain target and identification information. It flies for a while and starts to scan its target visually. As soon as it captures its target, when it approaches a certain distance, the effective distance is 40 meters, it has the ability to destroy a single UAV or a swarm of UAVs at its location by detonating the warhead.”

Counting the days to go on the field

Pointing out that solutions such as signal jamming are also used against the drone threat, Şişman said that when different methods and hybrid applications are used, jamming devices can become ineffective, and in this case, it is possible to use the kamikaze UAV Bouncer. Şişman gave the following information about the point reached in the project:

“With this system, we continue to work to eliminate the threat outside of our line of defense. At the moment, software interfaces are being developed. Integrations with the electro-optical suite and radar have been made. The interfaces of a prototype system are currently under development, in the process of being completed. Verifying a concept related to this will be our work. In the next 1-2 months, we will demonstrate the capabilities of the entire system, from detection to destruction within a scenario, including destroying the UAV in the air by throwing the Bouncer, until the end of December at the latest. It will be done with our Defense Industry Presidency and other stakeholder institutions. We will see the system capabilities here. If our prototype system serves to verify our concept, when we receive an order, we will now be developing a system body that will be adapted to the customer’s requirements. This will meet with the security forces in a very short time. It will be within reach.”

Stating that the system has an open architecture and the safe area it will provide will increase depending on the number of sensors and weapons to be integrated, Şişman noted that by spreading many components such as radar and electro-optical suite to the land with a distributed architecture, they will reach a system that can be controlled from a single center in a large area.

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