Infantry AUAV DOĞAN is ready for duty

Developed by DASAL Aviation Technologies and integrated with an automatic infantry rifle, DOĞAN has been completely renewed.

DOĞAN, equipped with an automatic infantry rifle, has been added to the armed unmanned aerial vehicles (SİHA) developed by the Turkish defense industry.

DASAL Aviation Technologies, which produces rotary-wing UAVs in various classes as a subsidiary of ASELSAN and ALTINAY, exhibited DOĞAN, whose development work has come to an end, at the 15th International Defense Industry Fair (IDEF 2021).

DOGAN, unlike its competitors, was developed as an integrated defense and deterrence platform with a 5.56 millimeter automatic infantry rifle mounted on a pedestal with 2-axis stabilized mobility.

Thanks to the systems that DASAL Aviation Technologies engineers have developed locally and nationally, using artificial intelligence and image processing technologies, DOĞAN can function with the capabilities of target detection, identification and focusing on the tracked target by processing the images taken from the camera on it. DOĞAN can carry between 100 and 200 rounds of ammunition, depending on preference and need.

DOGAN is designed to increase the user’s options in accordance with the mission scenario with single or serial firing modes, and to hit the target directly with a high accuracy rate or to put them under pressure fire, thanks to its software. DOGAN’s anti-jammer feature also makes it very difficult to neutralize.

Point shooting with high stabilization

DASAL Aviation Technologies Project Manager Caner Yüksel briefed the AA correspondent on the progress of the project.

Stating that they developed DOĞAN to reduce injuries and loss of life by security forces against terrorism and armed threats, Yüksel said, “It is a project we have developed together with the needs authorities. Test flights and shooting tests have been going on for a while, and together with this fair, we complete the shooting tests and launch it as a final product. ” said.

Explaining that the recoil of the automatic infantry rifle in DOĞAN is damped with a specially developed system, Yüksel said that point shooting is also possible thanks to the high stabilization achieved with this system.

Infantry Doğan’s abilities increased

Emphasizing that responding to threats from a height and from a greater distance, instead of personnel, will prevent loss of life and injuries, Yüksel said:

“We plan to use DOĞAN effectively in the field, as it has the ability to detect, examine and describe threats far beyond what the human eye can perceive, with systems such as the thermal camera and day camera on it. There are similar studies in the world about this. It is important to note that detail and test flights have continued for a while. The reason is our effort to fully understand the needs in the field and transfer them to our platform. After these efforts, our system has been completely renewed as of this year, equipped with a stronger platform. The useful load, that is, the weapon carrying system under it, has been specially developed. The bullet carrying capacity has been increased, and it can rotate 360 ​​degrees, A product that can shoot accurately to the point and offers the user the ability to use very easily has been released.”

Ready for the final exam

Caner Yüksel said that they expect DOĞAN to be shared with the needy authorities by making a demonstration flight and shooting test in its final form, and then to enter the inventory.

Providing information on the performance indicators of the system, Yüksel said that Doğan could go to a target at 10 kilometers, perform his duty and return, and stay in the air for 30 minutes at full capacity. Yüksel noted that with these features, DOĞAN outperforms similar products developed in other countries.

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