Your review for the native Kamikaze Drone Kargu-2

AUAV / UAV technologies play a major role in military security today.

STM, one of the leading companies in cyber security and military technology in our country, introduced the kamikaze drone Kargu-2 model, which it produced with domestic facilities.

The model we reviewed consists of 2 components, the Striking Rotary Wing UAV (VIHA) and the Ground Control System. Kargu-2, produced for use in asymmetric terrorist operations and asymmetric wars, undertakes the task of eliminating regional threats.

The model, which can be used by one person, has the feature of target orientation in moving targets. Standing out with its original embedded hardware and software, Kargu-2 has 10x optical zoom.

With a range of 5.10 km, Kargu-2 draws attention with an average of 30 minutes of mission time. The model, whose mission altitude is determined as 500 meters, can go up to 3,000 meters.

The new model has a compact structure with a weight of 7 kilograms and dimensions of 707mm x 707mm x 404mm. Kargu-2, which can work between -20 and 50 degrees, is also resistant to harsh weather conditions.

Kargu-2 technical specifications

Range: 5.10 km
Mission Duration: 30 minutes
Mission Altitude: 500 meters
Maximum Altitude: 3,000 meters (MSL)
Warhead: 1.3 kg
Dimensions: 707mm x 707mm x 404mm
Weight: 7.060 grams
Temperature: -20 / +50°C

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