High school students who design model aircraft aim to be successful in TEKNOFEST

A group of high school students in Samsun are working at the school workshop to obtain degrees at the TEKNOFEST Aviation, Space and Technology Festival to be held in Istanbul with the model plane they designed.

A group of students from İstiklal Vocational and Technical High School, who want to participate in the competition to be held in Istanbul this year with a fixed wing model airplane called “CANCEL 55”, continue their studies in the workshop they set up with the support of the school administration.

Students who continue their education remotely spend a significant part of their time in the workshop when there is no curfew restriction applied within the scope of new types of coronavirus measures.

“Their effort excites us, too”

School Principal Hasan Sarıözkan told Anadolu Agency (AA) that they want to participate in TEKNOFEST 2021, which will be held in Istanbul as a school, and obtain degrees by plane made by students of 10th and 11th grades.

Stating that students continue their studies with great determination and effort, Sarıözkan said, “We support our students in every issue. Samsun Chamber of Commerce and Industry and Samsun Commodity Exchange also contribute to us. Their efforts excite us too. ” said.

“We will direct our plane with artificial intelligence”

Buğrahan Demirkol, 11th grade student of Samsun İstiklal Vocational and Technical High School, stated that they started making fixed wing model aircraft three months ago and they have come a long way.

Explaining that they designed a fixed wing model airplane with his students from the informatics class, accompanied by a master instructor, Demirkol said:

“We have completed the fuselage of our aircraft that we designed, we will test it by installing its engine. Our aircraft is one meter long and 2 meters wide wing. intelligence work continues. We will direct our plane with artificial intelligence. “

Sevda Bozdemir and Sudenaz Erkman stated that they wanted to represent their schools and Samsun in the best way, and therefore they participated in model aircraft studies in their spare time.

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