High School Unmanned Aerial Vehicles Competition at TEKNOFEST started in Bursa

Organized as part of the TEKNOFEST Aviation, Space and Technology Festival, the “Inter-High School Unmanned Aerial Vehicles Competition” is hosted by Bursa.

144 teams compete in the 6th International UAV Competition, supported by Bursa Metropolitan Municipality, 120 teams compete in the 2nd Inter-High School UAV Competition, and 60 teams compete in the 1st International Free-Duty UAV Competition.

Competing in 3 categories at Yunuseli Airport, the teams show their skills. The contests, which were competitive and carried out over various missions, will be completed on September 18.

The winning teams will receive their awards at the TEKNOFEST events to be held at Istanbul Atatürk Airport on September 21-26.

In addition, the teams that use the most domestic products and software will be given the “Domestic Award”.

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