It was a TEKNOFEST competitor, became an exporter

It was a TEKNOFEST competitor, became an exporter
It was a TEKNOFEST competitor, became an exporter-
It was a TEKNOFEST competitor, became an exporter-

Kaan Öztürk, who won an award from the water technologies competitions of TEKNOFEST, the world’s largest aviation, space and technology festival, started to export the software he designed for unmanned underwater vehicles.

Kaan Öztürk, who participated in the Water Technologies competitions organized by TEKNOFEST in 2018-2019, won the championship two years in a row with the unmanned underwater vehicles he developed.

Öztürk, who also prepared the software used in the unmanned underwater vehicles he developed, became an entrepreneur with the TEKNOFEST Enterprise Program and exports his software to 7 countries today.

Öztürk, who also took part in TEKNOFEST BLACKDENIZ, which continues at Samsun Çarşamba Airport, said that the stories of entrepreneurship started with TEKNOFEST 5 years ago.

Explaining that he has been working on unmanned underwater vehicles for five years, Öztürk continued as follows:

“We established a company thanks to TEKNOFEST’s Enterprise Program. We produce underwater vehicles and software systems here, and export them both to companies engaged in production in this field in Turkey and abroad. Most of the parts of underwater drones were coming from abroad. Our goal was to produce all of these parts domestically. In fact, we achieved most of it.”

Noting that there was a great demand from abroad, Öztürk said, “However, our production area was not suitable for this. We started to sell abroad with the support of T3 Foundation. We started to sell software to countries such as Iran, Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus and China. Hopefully, Turkey will soon become a country known for its underwater vehicles in this area. We manufacture underwater vehicles’ software, electronic cards, command cards, power distribution cards, engines, reservoirs and all of them in Trabzon. By increasing its production capacity, we will ensure that it is sold abroad seriously. We will also start training on unmanned underwater vehicles that we produce together with the T3 Foundation. Our younger brothers will also learn to manufacture these vehicles.” said.

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