“Future with Games” camp will bring investors and young entrepreneurs together

The “Future with Games” camp, which will be held in Konya with the Digital Turkish Games Platform and Konya Metropolitan Municipality, will bring investors and young entrepreneurs together.

The “Future with Games” camps are held in order to bring new entrepreneurs to the gaming industry, which has recently been seen as one of the most important areas of digital arts and has billions of dollars in budgets.

Young software developers and designers who want to design games, improve themselves in different areas of digital arts, and have a high-income job, especially by being involved in digital cinema and animation production processes, can apply to the camps.

In addition to over 500 participants who will meet at the camp, volunteers, academics and industry masters will be able to register to contribute to the trainings that can be followed online.

Game Ecosystem Meeting will also be held

At the end of the camp, a Game Ecosystem Meeting will be held, where local and foreign investors and young entrepreneurs who want to invest in the digital game industry can meet.

In the Economy Reform Package program organized by the Ministry of Treasury and Finance last March, President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan emphasized the Digital Economy and the game ecosystem in its sub-divisions, among the topics that will accelerate Turkey’s development.

Game developers and the software industry have an important place in the development of youth employment.

Total revenue rose to $880 million

The world digital game market grew by 9.3% in 2020 and reached 159 billion dollars with the effect of the epidemic. This growth also showed its effect in Turkey, and the number of players from 32 million rose to 36 million, and the total revenue from 830 million dollars to 880 million dollars.

While there are mobile games with 450 million dollars, computer games with 230 million dollars and console games with 200 million dollars in Turkey’s game market, there are 35 million mobile players, 22 million computer players and 17 million console players.

“We teach them how to catch the biggest fish in the digital ocean”

DİTOP Founding President Okan Özbay emphasized that Turkey’s digital game industry has started to make a name for itself in the global market in recent years and even to achieve record successes.

Ozbay said:

“How to develop more human resources to design digital products, how to train them, and most importantly how to motivate them for a disciplined production are the processes that we need to solve quickly. For this reason, we have Digital Game Design departments in many universities and their number is increasing. We welcome our friends from the fields to these camps.

Our camps offer an important opportunity for our young friends to discover both themselves and the forms of production in different sectors of the digital economy. Many of our friends, who have gained experience and success in the previous camps, will become masters with their stories at the camp, which we will hold for the fourth time between 16-29 August. They say that because we need to teach how to fish, that’s exactly what we do, teaching our young friends how to catch the biggest fish in the digital ocean.”

Popular games will be commercialized

DiTOP Konya camp is held together with TRT Children’s, ANFİYAP, OYUNDER, Uretken Academy, Universities, Gamefactory and many sector organizations. The teams that produce new games during the camp will make presentations to the managers of the famous companies of the sector at the end of the camp and try to market their games.

At the end of the presentations, which are in a competitive atmosphere, the commercialization of the acclaimed games will be ensured.

The trainings needed by the sector are also included in the program

DiTOP aims to provide many basic skills to the participants of the camp.

In addition to very valuable design software, the curriculum also includes different trainings needed by the industry.

Emphasizing some of the emerging concepts of the Creative Industry and Digital Arts, which stand out among the professions of the future, Okan Özbay listed the sections they particularly wanted to attend the camp as follows:

“Gamification, screenplay, writing, story writing, producer, director, animator, illustrator, designer, graphic designer, advertiser, digital marketer, music sound effects, game designer, playwright, game developer, game programmer, level designer, video in-game, in-game marketing, game director, game producer, game publisher, game advertiser, brand, patent, digital effect, 2D 3D Modeling, UI, UX, CGI, VFX, SFX, Pixel art, Unity, Unreal, digital content manager, social media manager, motion graphic designer, editor, video graphic designer, animatic, trailer, illustrator, voice actor Industrial design, architecture, interior design, fashion design, radio and television cinema, cartoon animation, mechatronics, computer engineering, software, electronic engineering, robotics, fine arts, physical engineering, psychology, sociology, economics, business administration, management sciences, statistics, conservatory.”

Applications continue

Applications for the event, which will be held in Konya Beyşehir camping area between 16-29 August, are taken from the website www.oyunlagelecek.com. Participation conditions and many details are also on the website. It is also possible to follow the developments on @oyunlagelecek social media addresses and forward questions to the authorities.

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