Azerbaijan Technical University Team participated in Teknofest

As always, Azerbaijan did not leave us alone and sent its students to Teknofest and Azerbaijan Technical University students made it to the finals.

The interest in Teknofest, one of the biggest technology festivals of Turkey and the world, was huge.

There were participants not only from Turkey but also from different countries to the Teknofest held at Atatürk Airport and they presented their work to the visitors. Students from Azerbaijan, our friend country that always stands by Turkey and supports each other, attended Teknofest and made us proud.

Azerbaijan Technical University students participated in the competition at Teknofest and became finalists

Azerbaijan Technical University students made us proud by making it to the finals in the competition that took place among the competitors in Teknofest.

The statements of Azerbaijan Technical University student Jeyhun Khalilov, who participated in Teknofest for the first time, are as follows;

“Since early childhood, we have observed intermittent power outages in homes, schools and hospitals in our city. To date, the electricity supply situation has not improved yet. Line voltages can vary over very large, unpredictable ranges. This significantly reduces the quality of life of the population. Due to the low voltage, all household electrical appliances are switched off. But worse than that, these electrical appliances can fail due to poor-quality power supply. In our city, the incomes of the population are quite low; so many people cannot afford to renew their refrigerator or gas boiler every year. But the worst thing is that when the voltage in the network is low, the equipment in hospitals stops working or breaks down, and health care not only incurs huge financial losses, but patients can also die.”

“Our device prevents sudden electrical voltage changes”

“There is a solution to the problem, but it does not guarantee a 100% result. The market has been offering stabilizers for a long time, but the best ones operate at a minimum voltage of 90 volts (at lower voltages they turn off). In addition, these best devices are expensive and relatively reliable. That is why a few years ago we set the goal of creating a new generation stabilizer, significantly superior to all known analogues in all respects. In particular, we wanted to create this device very simple in design, cheap to manufacture and reliable, like a Kalashnikov assault rifle.”

“In our area, the conditions for survival are not easy”

“Together with my friend, I began to do scientific and practical experiments.We have been working for several years. We did not have a professional laboratory and third-party funding, so we made everything at home using our own funds. However, despite our financial difficulties, we are currently working on a more modern and innovative, 3-phase inverter (hybrid) electrical stabilizer.”

“It has been repeatedly confirmed by the best experts in Russia and neighboring countries”

“As a result, we got a stabilizer with the desired parameters and even better. The incredible superiority of our invention over analogues has been repeatedly confirmed by the best experts in Russia and neighboring countries

Our stabilizer is capable of continuing to work even with an input voltage of 20 volts. This means that when the voltage in the network drops to 20 volts, the stabilizer will continue to provide consumers with a stable voltage of the required level (for example, 220 or 234 volts).The same thing is possible in three-phase networks as well. We have provided our stabilizer with additional functions, so it can easily operate from any source (wind generators, solar panels, diesel generators, batteries, etc.). This is essential for the autonomous and uninterrupted operation of facilities such as cell towers, military equipment, and public safety systems. Our device eliminates 100% of all reactive components in the network (which is very important for saving energy in industrial plants).”

“With serial production, the cost of the device is much lower than analogs”

“At the same time, the created stabilizer has a very compact size, low weight, is quiet and very reliable. With serial production, the cost of the device is much lower than analogs. Similar products known to us are significantly inferior to our development in terms of basic characteristics, functionality and cost.

Thus, the main competitive advantages of our inverter voltage stabilizer in comparison with the best known domestic and foreign devices are as follows:

  1. Our stabilizer is guaranteed to keep from 20 volts of the incoming mains voltage; the best known inverter stabilizers keep the incoming voltage from 90 volts;
  2. The device scheme contains additional functions for selection: UPS, the ability to connect solar panels, wind generators, batteries and any alternative energy sources. None of the stabilizers produced by other manufacturers have these functions;
  3. Using this stabilizer at large enterprise, it is possible to achieve energy savings of 20-40% due to voltage filtering and complete (100%) elimination of reactive components in the network. Known manufactured stabilizers do not provide such energy savings;

At the moment, we plan to create a large advanced production of a new generation of inverter voltage stabilizers and our other innovative inventions (cold smoke generators, power amplifiers of a wind generator, waste processing complexes, etc.). After we release large batches of our devices, the first thing we do is supply stabilizers at a discounted price to all the homes and hospitals in our hometown.”

“Support for the Development of New Technologies Public Union”

Project team members; Jeyhun Khalilov, Ruslan Gadzhiomarov
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