WhatsApp crashed and Turkish users turned to Turkish software BiP

Turkish software is growing and developing day by day. At the beginning of these software is BiP, which is prepared and offered to users by Turkcell.
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Monopolized applications such as WhatsApp can sometimes become unusable due to system errors, and in such cases, users seek alternative communication tools.

The BiP application, prepared by Turkcell as an alternative communication tool especially for Turkish users, provides a solution and Turkish users’ data stays in Turkey. Hosting the data on servers in Turkey increases your communication speed, you provide uninterrupted communication.

Turkey’s own software BiP from Turkcell

What BiP offers to its users

Whether you want to share videos or photos with your loved ones for 24 hours without getting lost, you can bring your memories and experiences to the chat environment with BiP Status!

If you wish, you can view and reply to the Statuses of your loved ones! Answer the statuses of your loved ones, interact with BiP Status. Your chats are now more fun and enjoyable with Status!

Meet the whole family, all together with BiP!

You can make group voice and video calls with up to 15 people in BiP, while you can talk to 8 people in others. With BiP, you can call your loved ones from all over the world in HD quality, and make distances close.

You can move your groups and chat history from other application to BiP

You can export your groups from other application and move them to BiP, and continue your conversation safely from where you left off. Moreover, BiP automatically establishes the groups you carry with their participants. It easily moves messages, photos, videos and documents for you.

Message with BiP, the Turkish Application with Everything

With BiP, you can always securely communicate with your loved ones. Used by millions of users all over the world, regardless of operator, BiP offers fast, secure and encrypted messaging.

With BiP, you can send free messages, send location, photos and videos, and reach your loved ones at any time thanks to its uninterrupted communication capability and by specifying the duration of the message you send in BiP, you can make it disappear whenever you want! The messages you send with the Disappearing Message feature will be deleted both from the person you sent and from you at the end of the period you specify.

With the BiP translation feature, you can message with your friends from all over the world in any language you want. No more worrying about not knowing the language while texting. Open the translation settings while messaging, type in Turkish and BiP will instantly translate it into the language you want or read your incoming messages in your own language. Boundless communication is at your fingertips in BiP. With the Starred Messages feature, you can collect important messages from your chats in one place. The messages you starred are collected in one place and you can list these messages in order whenever you want, and you can reach the details you are curious about.

It is very easy to organize your chats in BiP! You can hide your individual and group chats thanks to the “archive chat” feature.

With stickers, you can make your conversations more fun and colorful in BiP. If you wish, you can also browse the new sticker sets and use your favorites among dozens of different stickers in your chats.

Secure, Encrypted, Transparent Communication

It is encrypted and secure, protects your privacy, does not share your data!

Your communication with BiP is secure! Your messages and calls are encrypted, no one can access them. None of your data is shared with individuals or third companies. BiP does not impose or discriminate on its users in order to obtain permission.

In BiP, messages are securely transported between transmitted devices and servers with TLS encryption method in accordance with international standards. Any third party cannot access and read your messages.

BiP does not store your messages. Messages sent are encrypted until they reach the recipient, and are deleted as soon as they are transmitted. If the user requests that their messages be backed up, then the backed up messages are stored encrypted in the data centers in Turkey. To delete all BiP-related data, simply delete the BiP account.

No unauthorized data is received, processed or shared in BiP.

BiP only receives and processes the necessary data from the users with their consent in order to provide services to its users. E.g; It requests access to the contacts to be able to message, permission to access the gallery to share photos and videos, and permission to access the microphone to make calls.

Users can continue to use BiP without having to share their data with third parties for marketing activities such as advertising, promotions or offers.

Anyone can use BiP. There is no imposition or discrimination to get permission.

It protects the data of users with its transparent, clear, user agreement and privacy policy.

All data of BiP are in Turkey.

Your data is kept encrypted in data centers certified to international standards in Turkey and no data goes abroad.

Uninterrupted Communication with BiP Emergency

Share your status and location with your relatives with the emergency button

With the BiP Emergency Button, you can send your status with your location as a BiP message and SMS free of charge, regardless of the operator. With the BiP Emergency Button, you can send a single click on BiP, including your location, to your loved ones you want to reach in an emergency, and you can call them over the internet with BiP without interruption.

With the BiP Emergency Button, in natural disasters and emergencies such as earthquakes, floods and fires, you can quickly reach your pre-determined relatives, regardless of the operator, with a single click, and share your location information as BiP message and SMS with your location information in case of emergency.

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