Minister Varank announces that Turkey has joined the “42 international software school”

Minister Varank stated that 42 of the world’s leading software schools have added Turkey to the international network of 23 countries and 36 campuses and said, “Our youth will receive software training at international standards.” used the expression.

The expected day has come!

Two new software developer schools will be opened in Turkey with the agreement signed between Ecole 42, which has trained hundreds of thousands of people with its innovative teaching model in the field of international software, and Informatics Valley, the executive of the Turkish Open Source Platform.

Minister of Industry and Technology Mustafa Varank, in his post on his Twitter account, stated that 42 of the world’s leading software schools with innovative teaching model added Turkey to the international network of 23 countries and 36 campuses, saying, “With 42 Kocaeli and 42 Istanbul, our youth “Dear 42, welcome among us!” used the expressions.

In his post on the official Twitter account of 42 schools (@ 42born2code), he stated that 2 new members will join the “42 campus network” partners soon, “Our local partners, Ministry of Industry and Technology, Minister Varank, Deputy Minister of Industry and Technology Mehmet Fatih Kacır, Informatics Valley and with the support of TÜBİTAK Turkish Industry Management and Management Institute (TÜSSİDE), meet Istanbul and Kocaeli from Turkey. 42, now on 36 campuses in 23 countries. ” gave the information.


When schools reach full capacity, the number of enrolled students will be 2 thousand 250

According to the written statement made by the Ministry, Turkey is progressing step by step in line with the goal of 500 thousand software developers within the framework of the 2023 Industry and Technology Strategy, the National Technology Move.

In the schools to be opened in the Information Technologies Valley in Kocaeli and Vadistanbul in Istanbul, software developers who will develop new technologies with learning based education from each other will be trained.

When schools reach full capacity in their third year, the enrollment number will be 2 thousand 250.

Since 2016, Ecole 42 has been establishing a new generation of schools that train software developers around the world with different approaches in the field of education.

It spreads the new education model in many different cultures, especially in technology-leading countries such as France, USA, Japan, Germany and South Korea. These schools offer hands-on learning methods for various programming languages ​​needed in the sectors.

Managing the schools it established with an innovation center approach, Ecole 42 has gained recognition in the world with its groundbreaking philosophy in education.

With this innovative vision in education, schools that meet the needs of the sectors have attracted the attention of software developer companies in a short time and have become one of the resources that cover the talent gaps of companies.

The international network of Ecole 42 provides its students with the opportunity to study in other country campuses where the schools are located, enabling them to both benefit from the multinational working culture and have a real professional experience.


No classes, teachers, and exams

The school, which is open to anyone who wants to become a software developer aged 18 and over, without any pre-education or diploma requirement, receives applications at various times throughout the year.

Students continue their education in line with their individual interests, without any classroom, teacher or exam, thanks to the learning from each other and the project-based gamified curriculum.

After completing the basic programming level, students specialize in areas such as data analysis, machine learning, and artificial intelligence in line with the module they choose. In order to adapt to the changing competency sets with the developing technologies, the curriculum is constantly updated with the support of mentors from the industry. Thus, it can meet the real business needs.

Pioneering practice in Turkey

The Turkish Open Source Platform software schools, established under the auspices of Minister Varank, in partnership with the Informatics Valley and TÜBİTAK TÜSSİDE, will be the first examples from Turkey to join the global network of Ecole 42.

42 schools that will create a paradigm change in the field of education in Turkey will increase Turkey’s software developer potential to higher levels while also increasing its international competitiveness.

It will meet the needs of software developers in all areas that will provide digital transformation, especially the needs of mobility, industry, finance, 5G and communication sectors with artificial intelligence technologies, which are of critical priority. Increasing the number of software developers will also increase advanced technology investments in Turkey.

Trainings will be free

Schools with a total capacity of 750 seats, located in IT Valley and Vadistanbul, were established with the partnership of the Istanbul Development Agency (İSTKA) and the East Marmara Development Agency (MARKA) with a guided project support fund. In schools, which will provide education 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, students will complete their education free of charge with the support of Platform members.

Information on the application processes of the schools that will start operating in June and July will be announced on the website of the Turkish Open Source Platform and social media accounts.

The Turkish Open Source Platform has 21 founders and 7 sponsor members, 90 stakeholder companies, entrepreneurs, NGOs, universities and communities.

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