New photo from MMU

The first test prototype of the National Combat Aircraft (MMU) is on the agenda again with its new photo. In the photo shared by Turkish Aerospace Industries, it is seen that the plane was completed significantly before painting.

The next step in the National Combat Aircraft (MMU) Project, which is the main contractor of Turkish Aerospace Industries (TUSAŞ) and is the biggest project of the Presidency of Defense Industries, is the factory exit ceremony to be held on March 18, 2023. With this ceremony, the first engine start activity will also be held.

F110 engine integration complete

The integration of the F110-type engines of the MMU prototype, which was taken on the landing gear last month, was also successfully completed. The aircraft, which is planned to roll out from the hangar by starting its engines in March 2023, may perform this activity even earlier than expected.

In the last photo of the MMU prototype, it is seen that the assembly activities of the aircraft have been completed to a large extent. Although taken from a narrow perspective, the exhaust outlets of the F110-type turbofan engines that will power the aircraft can also be seen in the photograph.

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