President Erdoğan: We are giving 4 billion 622 million lira to our tradesmen and craftsmen for free

Explaining the support to be given to tradesmen, President Erdoğan said, “We are giving 4 billion 622 million lira to our tradesmen and craftsmen in two separate groups, more than 1 million 384 thousand.” he claimed.

Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan held a press conference after the Presidential Cabinet Meeting.

“We have taken the epidemic under control again to a great extent”

President Erdoğan said, “Thanks to the partial and full closure measures we have implemented during the month of Ramadan, we have once again brought the epidemic under control.” said.

Erdoğan continued his speech as follows:

“We discussed the second phase of the gradual normalization calendar, we will share the principles of practice in this regard according to the developments in the coming days.”

On the fight against Kovid-19, Erdoğan said, “We hope that from now on, there will be no need for as extensive and restrictive measures as before.” he spoke.

“We are speeding up vaccination activities”

President Erdoğan said, “We are speeding up vaccination activities. We are trying to ensure that all risky groups, especially teachers, are vaccinated as soon as possible.” used the expressions.

Erdoğan said, “(Combating Covid-19) We are aware of the real intentions and calculations of those who do not take responsibility, do not put their hands under the stone, and travel with keyboard and screen gunsling.” said.

“The amount of cash payments will reach 181 billion lira”

Regarding the support during the epidemic process, President Erdoğan said, “Our spending only from the central government budget has already reached 79 billion lira. This figure will reach 104 billion lira at the end of the year.” he spoke.

“With the central government budget, the amount of cash payments is already 134 billion liras, while this figure will reach 181 billion lira at the end of June,” Erdoğan said. said.

President Erdoğan said, “Since the day the epidemic started, we have given a total of 661 billion lira to our people. used the expressions.

Support will be provided to tradesmen in two groups

President Erdoğan announced that support will be provided to tradesmen in two groups, and a grant of 5,000 lira will be made to 235 thousand tradesmen in the first group.

Erdoğan listed the support to be made as follows:

“We will make a one-time grant payment of 3 thousand TL to our citizens in the group, which includes more than 1 million 150 thousand businesses in total.”

“In two separate groups, we are giving 4 billion 622 million TL worth of resources free of charge to more than 1 million 384 thousand tradesmen and craftsmen.”

“The debts of our farmers who are determined to be damaged by the drought to Ziraat Bank or Agricultural Credit Cooperatives will be postponed.”

“Our pulses purchase prices are determined as 5 thousand TL for red lentils, 4 thousand 150 TL for green lentils and 4 thousand 50 TL for chickpeas per ton.”

“For this year, the purchase price of fresh tea has been increased to 3.87 lira per kilo, to 4 lira with support.”

“We are increasing the purchase price of hard bread wheat to 2 thousand 250 TL and the purchase price of barley to 1750 TL per ton.”

“Contribution will be made to the expenses of our producers by giving premiums and supports, which amount to 275 lira for grain and 910 lira for legumes per ton.

Erdoğan, “The purchase prices we have announced will be the reference price for other public institutions, there will be no different pricing.” said.

The terrorist code named Sofi Nurettin, the PKK’s head in Syria, was neutralized

President Erdoğan announced that the terrorist, code named Sofi Nurettin, the PKK’s Syria General Officer, was neutralized in northern Iraq.

“This terrorist, who is the perpetrator of many bloody acts, is also responsible for many attacks against our soldiers in the Euphrates Shield and Olive Branch operations,” Erdoğan said. he spoke.

President Erdoğan said, “This terrorist is one of those who ordered the martyrdom of 13 innocent people during the Gara Operation.” said.

“The situation of Sofi Nurettin, who was neutralized, made it impossible to deny the fact that the PKK / KCK and the PYD / YPG are the same organization,” Erdoğan said. used the expressions.

“The purpose of these insidious struggles is to block the way of a great and powerful Turkey”

Erdoğan continued his speech as follows:

“Those who have nothing to promise to the nation are in an effort to direct the country’s time and energy to vicious conflicts, artificial agendas, and project actors. The purpose of these insidious struggles is to block the front of a great and powerful Turkey, where we will see that we get closer than ever before when we leave the epidemic process behind.”

President Erdoğan said, “Our biggest sadness is to see that there are people of dignity in our country who have become so miserable and shrinking to hope for help from the gangs.” said.

Erdoğan said, “I remind you that the same fate awaits everyone who betrayed this country, fired a bullet, harmed our people, threaten the integrity of our country, the unity of our nation, and the survival of our state.” said.

“Like terrorist organizations, criminal gangs are like a poisonous snake. If you enter the same sack with them, you will be consenting to what will happen to you later,” President Erdoğan said. he spoke.

“We are continuing our altogether 84 million Jerusalem watch”

Erdoğan said, “I remind you again today, we are continuing our Jerusalem watch altogether, with 84 million, and we will continue it.”

Regarding Israel, Erdoğan said, “These are enough murderers to kill 5-6-year-old babies, enough to kill women by crawling on the ground, to kill old people. They are unequaled.” he spoke.

Regarding the US and Israel’s arms deal, President Erdoğan said, “Mr. Biden took the side of the Armenians in the so-called Armenian genocide. you are writing history. ” said.

“The fact that the United States and its successor countries declared Jerusalem as the capital of Israel at the end of 2017 increased the bloodshed appetite of this murderous state,” Erdogan said. used the expressions.

President Erdoğan said, “Those who, on the one hand, take over the privacy of Jerusalem, and on the other hand, ruthlessly bombard the civilians in Gaza, also bombarded a huge building with media groups in it, this terror state is Israel.” said.

Erdoğan said, “Those who are not interested in the death of Palestinian children by bombs may be terrified of the Israeli children being afraid of the missile sounds. However, it is necessary to remain silent while the children are put to sleep, not when they are killed.” he spoke.

“I suspect the Austrian state”

President Erdoğan, “I trust the Austrian state that raised the Israeli flag to the Prime Ministry building.” said.

“The Austrian state is probably trying to make Muslims pay the bills for the Jews they subjected to genocide,” Erdoğan said. he spoke.

President Erdoğan said, “Those who turn their backs on the tragedy in Palestine and openly support it should not forget that they actually planted the seeds of disasters that will come on their own tomorrow.” used the expressions.

Erdoğan, “The administration of Jerusalem by a commission consisting of representatives of 3 religions will be the most correct and consistent way in today’s conditions.” said.

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