Russia will send a delegation to Turkey to resume flights

Minister of Culture and Tourism Mehmet Nuri Ersoy stated that the demands of Turkey regarding the reopening of air traffic were welcomed by Russia, “They just asked for some time to observe on site and make the final decision. said.

Culture and Tourism Minister Mehmet Nuri Ersoy made statements at Vnukovo Airport after meeting with Presidential Spokesperson İbrahim Kalın with his counterparts in Moscow, the capital of Russia, where he came.

Explaining that they discussed the issues related to the shipment of Sputnik V vaccine to Turkey within the scope of his visit, Ersoy said, “How can we bring the Sputnik V vaccine to Turkey faster and with a more intense capacity than anticipated, we conveyed our demands about it.” he spoke.

Stating that the Russian authorities will evaluate these demands, work on different options and return again, Ersoy said, “They said how they can deliver more Sputnik V vaccine in a shorter time, what kind of alternatives they can develop, they will inform us this week. They want to make the first shipment within this month, if possible, at the end of May and the beginning of June. But we demanded that the number of shipments be increased and accelerated. ” used the expressions.

Noting that they also made contacts regarding the restricted air traffic between Turkey and Russia, Ersoy said, “As a result of the evaluation of the reports, they told us that they would return to us as soon as possible. After evaluating the reports, they will immediately give us a visit date for on-site observation in Turkey. It will become clear in a very short time. ” said.

Underlining that the Russian authorities are aware of the number of new types of coronavirus (Covid-19) cases falling in Turkey and the good progress, Ersoy said, “If they did not see the decline in the number of cases and the good progress, there would be no requests for on-site observation. They welcome our request for the reopening of air traffic. They just took some time to observe on the spot and make the final decision. ” found the assessment.

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