Scientific information transformed into technology with TURKOVAC, Turkey’s first domestic vaccine

President of Turkish Health Institutes Prof. Dr. Akdoğan stated that it is very important to produce scientific knowledge and turn it into technology, so it should be turned into technology in particular for Kovid-19.

The Phase-3 studies of the first domestic inactive Covid-19 vaccine “TURKOVAC”, developed in cooperation with the Ministry of Health, Turkey Health Institutes Presidency (TÜSEB) and Erciyes University, started with the vaccination of the first volunteers.

Vaccine studies, which have been the keystone of the fight against the epidemic since the first day of the pandemic, were carried out with the coordination and support of the Ministry of Health and TÜSEB.

Among the formulas that can control the epidemic, the first Kovid-19 domestic vaccine “TURKOVAC”, whose scientific infrastructure, technology and every step from the R&D stage to the final product will belong to the country, was developed with the scientific and financial support of TÜSEB, with the devoted work of many stakeholders and scientists.

“Phase-3 work will continue with 40,800 volunteers”

TUSEB President Prof. Dr. Erhan Akdoğan, AA correspondent, provided information on the Phase-3 studies of the vaccine, of which approximately 900 thousand applications have been received so far, and the number of candidate volunteers meeting the specified medical criteria is 40,822, via the “Volunteer for Vaccine Study” button added to the e-Pulse by the Ministry of Health. gave.

Stating that TÜSEB started to primarily fund and support vaccine projects with the Kovid-19 process in March last year, Akdoğan stated that 7 projects are currently supported and the process continues.

In addition to this, Akdoğan stated that TÜSEB took a very active role in the establishment of Kovid-19 diagnosis centers, and that the test processes continue in 20 Kovid diagnosis centers with more than 400 personnel.

“Out of the 7 supported domestic vaccine projects, Phase-1 and Phase-2 studies are continuing with the sponsorship and support of TÜSEB, our vaccine developed by our teacher Prof. Dr. Aykut Özdarendeli at Erciyes University and whose name was determined as TURKOVAC with the approval and appreciation of our President, Phase-3 as our first domestic vaccine This work has been the result of a lot of effort. Phase-3 work will continue with 40,800 volunteers.

Volunteer recruitment has started and is currently ongoing. Perhaps for the first time in the world, volunteers are recruited from our e-Pulse system, one of the most powerful digital health systems in the world, e-Nabız, one of the most powerful digital health systems in the world, for the first time in the world to become a volunteer. can you This algorithm gives priority to the answer of “Can’t you be?” Then, by asking a few survey questions to our citizens who want to volunteer, data about how effective they are volunteers are obtained from there. After that, a manual evaluation process emerges again and the volunteering processes begin.”

The study will be carried out in 30 centers

prof. Dr. Erhan Akdoğan stated that the study will continue in 30 centers and that the clinical research coordinator is Prof. from Hacettepe University. Dr. Serhat Ünal said, “Of course, there is a preliminary process for this. Ethics committees. We can say that this study has started with the approval of the Turkish Medicines and Medical Devices Agency of our Ministry of Health. In addition, Phase-3 studies will be carried out abroad. At this point, especially in Azerbaijan, I would like to say that Phase-3 studies can be carried out in Kyrgyzstan and Pakistan.” used the phrases.

Akdoğan stated that negotiations are continuing with some countries on this subject and that as soon as the requirements are met as a result of the scientific study, emergency use approval can be passed, and continued his speech as follows:

“Producing scientific knowledge and transforming it into technology is very important. In this process, we, as scientists, have the following definition; today’s science will be tomorrow’s technology. Therefore, we have to say that we have now turned this scientific knowledge into technology, especially for Kovid-19. At the moment, of course, this is especially laboratory. “We have been successful in large-scale studies of the vaccine, which was produced in an environment or on a small scale. Production continues. After the phase-3 work is completed, we need to start more mass production. Here, as TÜSEB, we have developed new models, which are very beautiful and for the first time in Turkey.”

Expressing that the process continues within the scope of the coordination of the institutions and organizations that are in cooperation, Akdoğan said, “So we have reached a technology, I am both happy and proud to give this good news to our nation.” he said.

“We look to the future with great hope”

prof. Dr. Akdoğan said, “There is a great success that we have achieved, especially in the defense industry as a country. In other words, we were able to increase the local rate of 25 percent to 75 percent in a very short time. We are continuing with the same great concentration for health, and it is a matter of how much importance should be given to this. It has emerged once again. At this point, we do not have any problems in terms of scientific knowledge in Turkey. We have a very strong health ecosystem.” he said.

Pointing out that the clinical studies of city, university and training and research hospitals are a great power in the conduct of studies, Akdoğan concluded his speech with the following words:

“Our universities are a great power in the conduct of biotechnological research and we are on a very good track in terms of funding them correctly and acting within the framework of a strategy. We are rapidly expanding this field as well. So the next step of this is technology, and at this point, we are at the point of medicine and vaccine during the pandemic process. We see and observe how quickly we can act, how quickly we can configure our factories, our production facilities, how quickly the Turkish people can take action with that practicality, that wit, that foresight.Therefore, we look to the future with great hope.

At this point, very serious strategic roadmaps have been determined. These are being watched, but when Kovid-19 brings a different momentum to this, we have to say it for the whole world, we have to say it for our country. At this point, we continue our work.”

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