Students from Manisa continue their studies without slowing down

The Security Team team became the Finalist with the project they developed in the Intelligent Transportation Systems Competition organized within the scope of TEKNOFEST Technology Competitions.

Limited road capacity, increasing vehicle and pedestrian traffic and the increase in people’s desire for mobility reveal the need for safer, faster and easier transportation.

Mentors Murat Akbaba and Nurbanu Sayracı

Within the scope of the smart seat project developed by the Security Team, whose mentors is Murat AKBABA and Nurbanu SAYRACI, the seat will be opened as long as the person taking the public transport has their card read, and in case of any security problem, information will be sent to the police.

With this information, a situation will emerge that will facilitate the work of the police and deter the wanted people from public transportation. The information of the opened seat will be transmitted to the console in front of the driver, and the full information of the seat will be warned by flashing the Green Led.

The number of unlit LEDs will be associated with the screen at the stop, and the number of empty seats in the next bus will be reflected. This will prevent the passengers from wasting time waiting at the bus stop. With this project, the students of the Security Team team have learned the basics of engineering from a young age and formed a step towards their careers.

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