The Competition Authority announced that the WhatsApp contract will not be applied

WhatsApp’s new policy came into effect on May 15, and a flash decision came from the Competition Authority, which is currently working.

The privacy agreement announced by WhatsApp, the world’s most popular messaging application, at the beginning of 2021 caused a global problem.

Following the opposition of statesmen from many countries to this agreement, the company postponed the implementation of the agreement until 15 May 2021. WhatsApp’s protesting confidentiality agreement will not include Turkey.

Users in Turkey will not receive notifications asking them to consent to the update and will continue to use WhatsApp with full functionality. Here is the press release made by the Competition Authority about the WhatsApp investigation owned by Facebook:

“Following WhatsApp’s request for updating the terms of use and privacy policy including data sharing and their approval by their users, an interim measure decision was taken by the Competition Authority on 11.01.2021.

The subsequent update planned by WhatsApp has been postponed globally until May 15, 2021. We have been informed that the said update, which includes data sharing by WhatsApp, will not come into effect for any user in Turkey, including the users who approve it, following the cautionary decision taken by the Competition Authority and the investigations.

It is respectfully announced to the public.”

There will be no sanction about the application

Reminding that an interim measure decision was taken by the Authority to suspend the update subject to the investigation by WhatsApp, the authorities noted that if the obligations imposed by the said interim measure decision are not complied with, proportional administrative fines may be brought to the agenda in accordance with Article 17 of Law No. 4054.

However, the officials stated that the interim measure decision has been fulfilled at this stage and therefore there is no room for such a sanction under the current conditions, and said, “On the other hand, we think that the future steps WhatsApp will take regarding the issue will determine whether the sanction is applied or not.” Used the expression.

As a result

The whole public saw that the Republic of Turkey and its laws are bigger than companies trying to become a monopoly like WhatsApp. The control of companies like WhatsApp that try to be a monopoly and force their users to certain things is always in the hands of the states.

They can never force any user in any way!

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