Turkish Airlines flying car, Esinti, continues its rapid development

As a domestic flying car concept, we saw Cezeri produced by Baykar for the first time in Turkey. Turkish Airlines Technic also took part in this work and produced the first prototype of the vehicle called “Esinti” and exhibited it at TEKNOFEST 2021.

Although electric and autonomous vehicle technologies are prominent in the transportation world, there is another concept whose development process continues step by step: flying car concepts. World giants such as Hyundai and Airbus are working on this transportation concept, also called “flying taxi”.

The photo was taken by Emre Uludag

In our country, although we have seen various examples in terms of ideas and designs, we have seen Baykar’s flying car Cezeri as a physical prototype. Al-Jazari had successfully completed its first flight tests last year and had risen 10 meters from the ground without safety ropes.

Now we have another flying car concept “Breeze”. Esinti, which was exhibited at TEKNOFEST 2021 held in the past weeks, was developed by Turkish Technic (THY Teknik), a subsidiary of Turkish Airlines. We see the first prototype of Esinti in the photos. In the future, various improvements will be made on this prototype and Esinti will be ready for mass production.

The photo was taken by Emre Uludag

The breeze now looks like a drone in design. There are 8 electric motors in total, two on each arm of the vehicle. Esinti, which will start ground tests in the coming months, will be able to carry 80 kilograms of useful load in the first stage. The cabin is a single person for now, but it is aimed to increase the number of people who can travel by car in the future. The target for the first flight is March 2022.

Highlights of Esinti:

  • Payload: 80 kg
  • Max. take-off weight: 407 kg
  • Dimensions: 4.1 meters x 4.6 meters
  • Cruising altitude: 6500 ft
  • Maximum speed: 115 km/h
  • Range: 48.4 km

Turkish Technic is one of the leading companies in civil aviation in our country. Starting to develop Esinti in line with this experience, the company’s goals include primarily cargo transportation and organ transplantation purposes. The next goal is to transform Esinti into an air taxi.

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