Last year, 234 wildfires detected early by UAV

The General Directorate of Forestry detected 234 forest fires early with the unmanned aerial vehicles (UAV), which it used for the first time in detecting forest fires last year.

The General Directorate of Forestry launched an unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV) for the first time in order to detect forest fires in different parts of Turkey early and ensure rapid response.

With the UAV, 234 forest fires were detected early last year. In this method, which is used for the first time in Europe, fires that were intervened early were extinguished before they grow, thanks to instant information from the UAV.

After this success, it was decided to increase the number of UAVs to 4. In addition, new technological devices such as unmanned helicopters and tanks will be used in possible fires this year.

“We have ensured that many fires are extinguished before they grow”

Making a statement at the Forest Fire Management Center, Forestry General Manager Bekir Karacabey said that the most important power in combating forest fires is trained human resources, but they also use the latest technology in the world.

Stating that they used UAVs in the surveillance and management of forest fires for the first time in Europe in 2020, Karacabey said, “Last year, we detected 234 forest fires thanks to this UAV. Thanks to the instant information we received here, we intervened earlier and actually enabled many fires to be extinguished before they grow. As a result of this efficiency, we decided to increase the number of our UAVs to 4 this year. This year, we will use another small VTOL (Vertical Take-off and Landing), which we can call 2 unmanned aerial vehicles in addition to 4 UAVs.

“We will have used 4 unmanned helicopters for the first time this year.”

Karacabey also noted that they will use 4 unmanned helicopters and said, “We will have used 4 unmanned helicopters for the first time this year to use in the surveillance of forest fires and to transport small-scale goods and supplies during forest fires. In addition, it will be the first fire extinguishing tank we plan to use. “I hope this year we will use a tank with a capacity of less than 10 tons of water that can open its own way, which can be tracked, can be remotely controlled without human beings and can be intervened in forest fires, as well as taking the personnel in the forest out of the fire,” he said.

“Images will flow into the fire management tool”

Karacabey stated that, for the first time this year, they will implement two separate programs to use the data that can instantly flow to the fire management center, as well as the fire management vehicle at the fire scene.

Karacabey continued as follows:

“We are implementing the ‘vehicle propulsion system’, where we can instantly dispatch the vehicles in the fire scene to the place of duty without the need to contact them by showing them the target and location via the computer. we will be.

When forest fires occur in steep lands, in forest depths, communication problems may occur here from time to time. This can hinder you in the good management and management of the fire. If we match the telephone and the wireless system, we will not have any problems in communication. This will enable us to achieve much more successful results at the fire scene. “

Cyprus forests will also be monitored

Karacabey stated that they can instantly monitor the forests of the Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus as well as the forests described as ‘sensitive to fire’ from Çanakkale to Hatay with UAVs and said, “We will support the fires there, too.” Karacabey also stated that they immediately afforested the burning forest areas.

“Our forests are watched with technological devices in our 776 towers”

Stating that they have taken their own precautions against forest fires, Karacabey said:

“Currently, our forests are monitored with technological devices in our 776 towers in our country. Moreover, although 21 thousand of our personnel who are located at one thousand 776 points went out to prevent the fire, they are on duty to put out the fire in a short time. 4 thousand 300 land vehicles, 3 firefighting aircraft, 30 helicopters, 6 We made our preparations against fires with the management helicopter. We hope that there will be no need to use these tools. For this, we ask our citizens to be especially sensitive. “

Karacabey also noted that the Fire Alert Line numbered 177 was ‘112’ as a result of the merging of all call centers in Turkey, and it would be beneficial for citizens to report to the call line 112 when they see a fire or smoke in a forest area.

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