Turkish Airlines ranks among the best in Europe in safety inspections

Turkish Airlines (THY) is reported to be among the best in Europe in safety inspections.

Turkish Airlines General Manager Bilal Ekşi said in a statement on the subject on his Twitter account that they always fly safely.

Ekşi said, “Foreign civil aviation authorities have carried out 64 SAFA inspections in 31 countries, 46 airports, abroad in the last 1 year. We are among the best in Europe with a finding rate of 0.175. We fly with safety and comfort.” used the phrases.

SAFA audits

The Safety Assessment of Foreign Aircraft Program (SAFA) means the safety assessment for foreign aircraft. SAFA inspections cover the inspections carried out by other countries before the departure of the aircraft in the operations of foreign airlines between European Union (EU) countries.

In these transactions, unlike maintenance and airworthiness inspections, it is checked whether the aircraft fulfills the international requirements regarding flight safety.

During the inspections, in which the physical condition of the aircraft, the requirements to be complied with in the cockpit and cabin are checked, it is aimed to implement the rules that will ensure the flight safety of the passengers at the highest level during the flight.

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