US Foreign Office Spokesperson: Couldn’t Answer “Palestinian Children” Question

The US ignored Tel Aviv’s terror. TRT World reporter asked the Foreign Affairs Spokesperson if he had seen the photographs of the martyred Palestinian children. Spokesperson was content to just say, “We made a call to relieve tension.”

Despite the violence and cruelty that Israel has been inflicting for days, the statements from the US have supported Israel. The White House and Foreign Affairs Spokespersons said Israel has the right to defend itself.

He paused at the unexpected question

The dialogue between TRT World Reporter Yunus Paksoy and Foreign Affairs Spokesperson Ned Price was like a summary of the US point of view.

Paksoy said, “You condemned the Palestinian rocket attacks against Israel, but yesterday you did not make a condemnation about the children killed in Israeli attacks. Have you seen the pictures of the murdered children? Do you have anything to say as the Ministry?” Spokesperson Price replied, “I saw those pictures. It is difficult to look at those pictures and not feel pain. That is why today we called for restriction and reduction of tension to protect civilian life.”

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