US President Biden: Now, our 20-year military presence in Afghanistan is over

US President Joe Biden announced that his 20-year military presence in Afghanistan has come to an end and will deliver a speech on Tuesday.

US President Joe Biden released a written statement after the US Central Command (CENTCOM) Commander General Kenneth McKenzie announced that the withdrawal of US forces from Afghanistan was complete.

Biden thanked the commanders who completed the withdrawal process from Afghanistan before the deadline set for August 31, “In the last 17 days, our soldiers carried out the largest air transport operation in US history, evacuating more than 120,000 of our citizens, their families, and our Afghan allies.” used the phrase.

Emphasizing that the US soldiers carried out the evacuation operations with courage, professionalism and determination, Biden said, “Now, our 20-year military presence in Afghanistan is over.” gave your message.

Biden will give a speech tomorrow

Noting that he will make a statement on Tuesday afternoon regarding his decision not to extend his presence in Afghanistan beyond August 31st, Biden stated that this is a recommendation of the Chief of General Staff and all commanders.

“Our commanders said that the best way to protect the lives of our soldiers and to ensure the departure of civilians who want to leave Afghanistan in the future is to end our military presence,” Biden said. shared his knowledge.

Noting that he instructed the Ministry of Foreign Affairs to cooperate with international partners for the evacuation of US citizens, Afghan allies and foreign nationals who want to leave Afghanistan, Biden said, “The Taliban has committed to safe passage and the world will follow whether this commitment is kept.” made its assessment.

Biden ended his message by commemorating the 13 American soldiers who lost their lives in the terrorist attack at Kabul Airport on Thursday, August 26.

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