Abdi İbrahim returned with 2 awards from Stevie

Abdi İbrahim won a bronze award in 2 categories at the Stevie International Business Awards, one of the prestigious award platforms of the business world globally.

Abdi İbrahim, one of the pharmaceutical industry representatives that strengthened its global identity by establishing a strategic partnership with the Swiss biotechnology company OM Pharma, was awarded the bronze award in 2 categories at the Stevie International Business Awards headquartered in the USA.

How was Nezih Barut chosen

In the awards, Nezih Barut, Chairman of the Board of Abdi İbrahim, won the bronze award in the category of “Board of the Year”. The selection committee evaluated the candidates in the said category in line with their leadership and company achievements since 2019.

Gunpowder said; Proactive decisions taken in the production of the drug used in the treatment of coronavirus, rapid production of the drug that appeared all over the world at the beginning of the pandemic and in the first treatment protocols and donating it to the Ministry of Health, investments in the field of biotechnology, whose importance in the world pharmaceutical industry increases every year and especially in the treatment of diseases that cannot be treated with chemical drugs. earned the right to receive such achievements.

It will be presented on December 8

The “Viral Agenda” communication study, in which current and evidence-based medical information needed by citizens during the pandemic process is shared, won the bronze award in the “COVID-19 Linked Information” category in the “Communication/Public Relations Campaign of the Year” category.

The communication work, which was awarded the bronze award, was initiated to eliminate the information pollution experienced during the pandemic period and to meet the need for access to accurate information. In the project, which aims to convey current and scientific information primarily to physicians, healthcare professionals and the whole society in a more understandable language, hundreds of articles published in the world about Covid-19 were scanned every week and the most accurate content was prepared.

The awards, where the winners were announced on August 16, 2021, will be given to their owners at an online ceremony to be held on December 8, 2021.

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