Applications for the KOSGEB support program started on May 3

PHOTO: DEPOPHOTOS Industry and Technology Minister Mustafa Varank announced that applications for the KOSGEB support program can be made through e-Government from Monday. Varank, “I invite our entrepreneurs to apply.” said.

Minister Varank attended the “Original Good Management Practices Forum” (IBPF), organized by the Bosphorus Administrators Foundation with the theme “Entrepreneurship”, via video conferencing.

Minister Varank pointed out that President Recep Tayyip Erdogan shared the 5 billion lira KOSGEB Rapid Support Program with the public, with this program, technology-based start-ups and new types of coronavirus (COVID-19) affected by the epidemic and operating in the manufacturing sector. He stated that they will provide loan support to micro and small-scale enterprises with interest-free and 3-year non-repayment.

Underlining that micro enterprises can quickly access financing up to 30 thousand liras and small businesses up to 75 thousand liras within this scope, Varank said, “Applications can be made via e-Government as of Monday. I invite all our businesses and entrepreneurs to apply.” said.

Stating that there are many other support offered to entrepreneurs and SMEs through different institutions, Varank said:

“This situation does not confuse entrepreneurs sometimes. In this direction, we have implemented the website ‘’, which provides access to the content and information of all state supports from a single platform. Our entrepreneurs and investors use the incentive robot in the platform. They can get information about all the supports and see the advantages provided, accordingly they can apply to the attractive incentives offered by our state.”

“We are planning to announce the National Technology Entrepreneurship Strategy this month”

Pointing out that the COVID-19 epidemic, which has affected the world, continues to deeply affect economic and social life, Varank emphasized that restrictions and social distance practices have led to radical changes in the methods of doing business in many areas.

Stating that innovative and technological entrepreneurship gains more importance than ever, Varank reminded that they determined one of the 5 main components of the 2023 Industry and Technology Strategy, which they prepared with the vision of the National Technology Move, as “entrepreneurship” long before the epidemic.

Varank pointed out that increasing the effectiveness of the entrepreneurship ecosystem and strengthening technology supplier initiatives are among the most important topics in the strategy, “We plan to share the National Technology Entrepreneurship Strategy and Action Plan, which will be our main roadmap in this field, with the public this month.” he spoke.

Stating that they provide very important support to improve entrepreneurship and, accordingly, localization in critical technologies, Minister Varank said, “We offer the supports that cover the whole of R&D, P&D, commercialization, investment and production processes as a package. Thus, we aim to achieve a total technological transformation in our industry. ” said.

Varank pointed out that 68,500 people are employed in technoparks and 6,543 companies are operating as of today, “They are currently carrying out nearly 11 thousand R & D projects. The domestic sales volume of our technopark companies is 123 billion lira and their exports are 5.8 billion lira. They also put their signature to many success stories that make us proud. ” found the assessment.

“Venture capital funds are vital for the venture ecosystem”

Minister Varank pointed out that one of the most basic needs in the development of innovative entrepreneurship is access to finance, and that venture capital funds are of vital importance for the venture ecosystem, and within this scope, they work to expand these resources either with the funds they have established or support, and they are the first of the practices they implement for this purpose. “TechInvesTR” said it was coming.

Stating that the “fund of funds” mechanism was set up in cooperation with TÜBİTAK and the Ministry of Treasury and Finance, Varank said, “We aim to reach a fund size of over 1 billion lira by contributing to 5 venture capital funds that will invest in Turkey.” said.

Varank stated that they implemented 2 new funds to which they transferred funds as the Ministry, “The first of these is the Regional Development Fund, which we have established in cooperation with the Development and Investment Bank. We will support the growth of initiatives that will contribute to regional development, especially with this fund, which we plan to transfer 400 million TL. Technology and Innovation Fund, which we established to meet the needs of the ecosystem. The Fund, which we will transfer 350 million TL of resources, will invest directly in Turcorn-candidate start-ups. Finally, we have implemented another fund of 100 million TL under the leadership of Bilişim Vadisi together with participation banks. he spoke.

Varank stated that they have many advantages to entrepreneurs through KOSGEB, development agencies and TUBITAK, “Development agencies have provided 110 million TL of support to 358 entrepreneurship-themed projects so far.” used the expression.

Underlining that KOSGEB provided support of 3.5 billion TL to approximately 110 thousand entrepreneurs who applied for support by completing their trainings, Varank said, “In addition, we have provided approximately 700 million TL of business loans to 15 thousand entrepreneurs. has supported nearly 20 thousand projects over 15 billion lira. ” said.

“I want to call my young friends”

Minister Varank said that they evaluated 2021 as a year when they won the fight against the epidemic and Turkey entered a period of stable growth in the medium term.

Stating that the main priorities of the economy are to increase the competitiveness of the economy in the new period after the epidemic and to ensure the technological transformation of the industry, Varank said:

“With our proximity to the EU market and our production performance during the pandemic period, the interest of international investors in Turkey has increased considerably. We also apply policies focused on the development of our innovative and technological initiatives to get the maximum benefit from this interest. I would like to call my young friends here, be hopeful. Trust in your country, be brave in implementing your innovative ideas. We are ready to offer you every opportunity.”

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