Classic car restoration hobby turned into passion

The classic car enthusiast living in Edirne restores and renews old vehicles in his workshop in his spare time from the pharmaceutical representative business.

Murat Erşen, President of the Trakya Classical Automobile Association, took up his hobby of renewing classic vehicles, which he was passionate about, 5 years ago, first he hired a workshop and then equipped it with various tools.

Erşen, who performs her profession in health institutions with her tie and suit, wears her overalls and runs to her workshop at the end of the day. Erşen, who has renewed 3 cars and 1 minibus so far, is currently trying to renew 1965 and 1966 model vehicles, accompanied by folk songs from the radio in her workshop.

Describing himself as a “classic car restorer”, Erşen told Anadolu Agency (AA) that he started renovating vehicles as a hobby.

Explaining that his interest in classical vehicles increases day by day because it is a passion, Erşen stated that this hobby has risen to a higher level as he spends a lot of time in the workshop during the epidemic period.

Explaining that he continued to renew the two cars he bought during the quarantine period, Erşen said, “I accelerated my work during the curfews in the Kovid-19 epidemic. During this process, we bought 2 vehicles at the start of the pandemic. We have two vehicles of 1965 and 1966. I generally do vosvos restoration and personalization. My work here is The thing is, all the masters here are mine. Whether it’s electrical, bodywork, mechanics, or the production of new project prototypes, I do all of these in the workshop.” he said.

Erşen stated that she receives the support of her husband and son from time to time in her work.

Expressing that vehicle restoration is an expensive endeavor, but he could not give up his passion, Erşen said:

“In fact, our difference is in addition to these standard restorations, personalization comes to the fore. We want to add a different personality to our 2 vehicles that we are currently making. We do not modify our works, we do not use this concept. They do not lose their originality. We add individuality to the vehicle in areas such as upholstery, steering wheel, visual indicator and color. We are looking for publications on the internet. Frankly, many of my friends who saw this job say excitedly, ‘Let’s see when you finish the finale’, which excites me.”

The classic tool is a passion

Erşen stated that the work of a classic car restorer is similar to interior architecture.

Expressing that he is trying to integrate the tools in his customizations, Erşen made the following assessment:

“You can usually get the parts from digital platforms. Some friends bring these parts from abroad and sell them, you have to follow them constantly. Of course, the vehicles we restore are our works. It gains a different personality from the design it came out of the factory, in its new form.

We can sell these vehicles to people who want them and can own them. I designed a 1966 model vosvos, and we delivered it to a very close friend of ours, at 85, 90 thousand liras. If you add the quality of the materials and arguments that we can use in the vehicles we are currently building, they reach 150, 200 thousand liras. After all, my ultimate goal in the work is to proudly watch the car like a work of art after it’s done.”

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