Greencycle project, which produces electricity with power of waste water, reached the finals at Teknofest

While ensuring the use of wastewater as irrigation water in greenhouses or agricultural lands, it is aimed to simultaneously produce and store electrical energy.

As the name suggests, the ESTU-Greencycle team came up with an original and innovative project emphasizing the green cycle and the environment and energy fields at the Teknofest 2021 Environmental and Energy Technologies competition.

Teknofest 2021 rankings of university level and above teams

In their project titled “Meeting the Renewable Energy and Clean Water Needs of Greenhouses from Wastewater with Electro-Wetland Model Design”, the team aims to simultaneously produce and store electrical energy while ensuring that wastewater is used as irrigation water in greenhouses or agricultural lands, in harmony with the environment and without producing secondary waste can supply.

In addition, to encourage the growth of plants grown in the greenhouse, the electrical energy needed by the devices used to determine the parameters such as lighting, pumps that provide drip water distribution, and the temperature and humidity of the greenhouse is produced and stored in ecological cycles that are completely within the design and uses the stored energy. In addition to wastewater treatment, it can provide 2.5 times higher efficiency and 26 times less water consumption than a 1 square meter greenhouse.

So much so that, by integrating its design, which does not require any external energy and supports the circular economy model, with low-cost applications in parks, gardens, biological ponds, green walls, and vertical gardens, the team can both make wastewater usable and save energy with the electricity produced at the same time. With this original and innovative project, it does not seem too far away that its waste will be destroyed on-site without using external energy, and the energy obtained will be used in pilot areas such as ecological and smart agricultural production and urban landscape lighting.

Greencycle team is pretty strong

While examining the projects in the Teknofest 2021 Environmental and Energy Technologies competition, a booth with greenhouse and landscape plants in purple lights draws your attention. The name of this team, which participated in Teknofest for the first time and ranked fourth, is “ESTU-Greencycle”. ESTU-Greencycle, Eskişehir Technical University Faculty of Science, Biology Department Head of Ecology Department Prof. Dr. It was established under the consultancy of Cengiz TÜRE.

The team includes 1 doctorate and 2 undergraduate students. He, in addition to numerous international and national articles, papers, and projects in the field of Ecology, Cengiz TÜRE is a member of the Advisory Board of the Healthy Cities Association of Turkey, television programs and provides consultancy in many municipalities. Çağdaş Saz is a doctoral student in Eskişehir Technical University Graduate Education Institute, Department of Biology, Ecology. He receives scholarships in the fields of “Renewable Energy Resources and Technologies in the YÖK 100/2000 Priority Areas scholarship program” and “Energy Storage Technologies in the TÜBİTAK 2211-C Domestic Priority Areas Ph.D. scholarship program”.

During his graduate education, he continues various studies on wastewater treatment and bioelectricity production, storage, and usability. He has international articles, international/national papers, scientific research projects in which he worked as a researcher. Elif Zerey and Kaan Akgören are 4th years undergraduate students of the Department of Biology at Eskişehir Technical University.

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