Sakarya and Trabzon teams, who received degrees at TEKNOFEST, embarked on the National Technology Journey

Sakarya University Rector Prof. Dr. Fatih Savaşan said, “These young people are special and targeted. I hope they will make more concrete contributions to Turkey’s technology move in the future.” said.

The two teams of Sakarya University (SAU) and Karadeniz Technical University (KTU), which ranked in the TEKNOFEST 2021 Aviation, Space and Technology Festival, went on a tour to bring the festival spirit to wider masses.

KTU Yomra Youth Center Energy Technologies Community, which won the “International Efficiency Challenge Electric Vehicle Races Electromobile” category, and SAU Advanced Technologies Application Community (SAİTEM), which came second in the same category, programmed a 5-day event covering Istanbul, Sakarya, Ankara and Trabzon after the competition. .

Speaking at the organization on the second leg of Sakarya University (SAU) Esentepe Campus, SAU Rector Prof. Dr. Fatih Savaşan said that today is an important day for them and the university.

Stating that the team members were working to publicize the National Technology Move and to raise awareness of clean energy while carrying out their projects, Savaşan said, “They wanted to bring it to the public agenda with a journey. Of course, our duty is to support them at the maximum level. These young people are special and targeted. young people. I hope they will make much more concrete contributions to Turkey’s technology move in the future.” he said.

Stating that TEKNOFEST has been continuing its activities for a long time, Savaşan said, “In Turkey, it has found an important response among young people at both high school and university level. At our university, there are different categories such as electric vehicles, autonomous vehicles, fixed wing, rotary wing, underwater drones. “Young people formed their teams, participated in the competition, received different degrees. We are proud of the degrees our students received. May their journey be fruitful and beneficial.” used the phrase.

“It makes us proud to realize the National Technology Journey”

SAİTEM Team Captain Belemir Cross stated that they started the preparations right after the competition last year.

Cross explaining that they achieved success with the second place in Turkey after their devoted efforts, said, “We aimed to go on a tour of Turkey with our sister team, our KTU team. We are taking firm steps forward on this path. The name of our journey is ‘National Technology Journey’. Realizing the ‘National Technology Journey’ as two teams that met thanks to the National Technology Move has given us the opportunity. makes you proud.” said.

Cross added that they aim to spread the TEKNOFEST spirit to wider audiences with the journey.

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