Lincoln Electric launches welding training simulator

Lincoln Electric Turkey presents its new training simulator VRTEX® 360 Compact, designed for welding training applications, to its customers.

Lincoln Electric Turkey is designed for welding training applications; introduces the compact and mobile welding training simulator VRTEX® 360 Compact to the market.

The new training simulator, which attracts attention with its affordable cost and compact structure, offers a convincing simulation experience with the most realistic and sensitive weld filling graphics available, accurate sound and movements.

Being the first virtual welding trainer with on-demand cutting mode, VRTEX® 360 Compact allows students to experience torch cutting in a virtual environment.

It makes a significant contribution to welding training with its thermal oxyfuel cutting feature, which is designed to enable all real-world cutting applications, from setting up the torch to making the cut.

Supporting different levels of learning from basic skills for beginners to advanced skills for professionals, the simulator helps to eliminate the skill gap between education and industry, increases productivity by reducing the failure rate with the training time, and makes it possible for welders in companies to improve their skills.

The product, which enables savings from equipment, materials, consumables and energy, contributes to obtaining more efficient results in a short time compared to real welding machines in training, and has the advantage of providing skills and training to more welders compared to classical welding training.

It can reveal the reasons why a weld has passed or failed, while instantly showing test results such as virtual bending.

The simulator, which allows re-welding without wasting time on plate attachment and scrap disposal, has a total of 3 screens: helmet view, scoring screen and trainer views.

It consumes less energy than a conventional welding machine, wire feeder and a welding fume control system, which minimizes material waste and your environmental footprint, saves shielding gas, welding electrodes, welding coupons, and operates without welding fume removal.

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