Living as a digital nomad in Turkey

The digital nomad, which we can translate into Turkish as “digital homeless – digital nomad”, is people who have managed to develop a sustainable business model without being physically dependent on a place.

Freelancers may be digital nomads, but it should be noted that there is no obligation to work as a freelancer to become a digital nomad.

Especially many companies abroad offer their employees the opportunity to work remotely, and these people can regularly continue their work from different parts of the world as digital nomads.

The sudden, digital nomad can work without being physically attached to a place, depending on a certain shift and of course independent of time and place. The most beautiful of these options is the opportunity to work independently of time and place.

What does a digital nomad do

A digital nomad can do digital marketing, write, design, translate, code, develop products, manage projects, do photography, teach and many other things. Internet technologies have made the world such a different place that even a physiotherapist, radiologist or teacher can continue their life as a digital nomad. Where there are channels of communication, the only obstacle is their priority, and anything else is an excuse.

The artery of the digital nomad is the internet, and his heart is the computer. Can’t do anything without them. So if you want to live as a digital nomad, your priority wherever you go is internet connection (if you don’t plan to go to a place where there is no electricity, of course) and the security of your computer. It is possible to put everything in the cloud and access any file from anywhere, but there is nothing like one’s own computer and of course, the smartphone is usually everything for the digital nomad, because on the go they have the opportunity to access and partially manage everything.

The upsides of being a Digital Nomad

  • Opportunity to travel the world. I think this item alone is enough! Of course, if you like to travel.
  • Freedom to work from wherever you want.
  • Getting rid of unnecessary meetings and negotiations. You will be surprised when you see the hours left to you during the day.
  • An opportunity to learn new places, new people and new things.
    Opportunity to live in cheaper countries with better standards. (You can set the standards yourself)
  • Opportunity to gain new skills. (You have so much time left, you can’t miss it.)

What are the downsides of being a digital nomad

Of course, every good thing has its hard sides, especially if you have to work while traveling the world! Although every person you meet tells you how much they care about you, you will also meet people who can travel the world without working so much. And after a while you start to envy them.

  • You need to set the internet subject for your destination in advance. Unfortunately, not every place with internet can provide you with a working condition.
  • Getting used to a new culture, new food and new beds in every country you visit is harder than you think. Especially if you are allergic or obsessed with certain things, this lifestyle can turn into a torture for you.
  • Due to the local time difference, your meetings with your customers, e-mails and many other things may conflict with your sleeping hours. This might not be a big deal since you’re usually free, but I know I wake up at 3:00 am and have a Skype meeting and go to sleep. (:
  • You may have to work while the people around you go to have fun after a good day. Especially travel bloggers and YouTubers (those who make a living by doing these jobs) have a lot of difficulty in this regard, because it takes a serious discipline to produce something new every day and share what they produce on the same day.
  • You need to buy an internet package in every country, and this may be a problem in some countries. Likewise, you may want to go to a beautiful island and spend time, but there may still be electricity and internet problems.
  • You miss the food. (It may be a special case for me.)
  • Some countries are extremely expensive. Like Japan where I am now. In this case, you need to plan well.
  • The negativities that happen to you on the roads can put a load on your shoulders more than normal. If you live and travel alone, then you load everything on your own.

The first step in making a living as a digital nomad is to really “want”. Although it may seem very fun, different and cool to everyone, it must be said very clearly that it is not a lifestyle that everyone can live. You should be much more organized than you think, and you should be able to bring both fun and work together. If either situation is a bit exaggerated, you will either be stuck in the city you are in or become one of your customers and have to turn around.

Advantages of being a Digital Nomad in Turkey

A view from a small village in the city of Kars in eastern Turkey

Especially in rural areas of Turkey, you may find that people are more helpful if you stay away from the city centre and you will find many people helping you to meet your needs.

If you wanted to eat fruit and you saw a fruit tree, you can ask the owner of this fruit tree without hesitation and you will see that it gives you the fruit for free. People living in Turkey’s city centers reduce communication with each other but communication of people living in rural areas is always stronger.

A humble Turkish family

People living in the city center are struggling to survive, but people living in rural areas are always happy, so they work to make other people happy.

Living as a digital nomad in rural areas of Turkey will always be advantageous.

Since there is internet access all over Turkey, you will not have any problems in this regard, but you may need to use some mobile internet in order not to leave your business to chance.

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